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Why I Chose Weebly To Build My First Website

On a pale Sunday morning, I cracked my knuckles, uneasy with the stress that building a website was giving me. Scripting had never been my forte, so it definitely put me out of the league of cryptic coders and ‘pro-websites’. But I was bent on having a personalized tag that would read ‘All copyrights reserved’, […]

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Prezi is an Awesome Slideshow Maker or Call it a Visual Storyteller

Prezi is a presentation tool that helps you organize and share your ideas in an incredible fashion. It begins with quick and easy signup (either create an account or another alternative is Facebook) and instantly takes you to the creators cubicle, where myriad templates await to simply mesmerize you. Some are 3D even!! It is an excellent software that makes a presentation come alive.

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Picasa – The Poor Man’s Photoshop

If you ask me why I chose Picasa over Photoshop my first answer would be – “It is lighter on my pocket and my hard disk”. Indeed it is because it costs nothing and occupies mere 13.6 MB while Photoshop costs a whopping $100* and occupies 3.4 GB. But then yes, it does provide smart […]

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