Add 9 additional Buttons to Application & Explorer Window Title bar

Are you unsatisfied with the options present on application and explorer windows? By default windows provides only 3 options on top of each application window i.e minimize, close and restore which may not be sufficient to fulfill your needs.

Earlier we have written about Preme, a small free application to add features to the windows interface. eXtra Buttons is also a small utility present under same category to give you added features on application and explorer windows.

As you install eXtra Buttons and run the application, you will find 9 new buttons on the window top. These features include:

Features of eXtra Buttons

  • Always on top: Places window on the top of the other windows, so that be always visible whether or not it has the focus
  • Send to back: Places window under other window
  • Copy window: Starts a copy of the application in the new window
  • Roll-up/Unroll: Minimizes window to its caption, so you can see only caption line with the title of the window
  • Minimize to Box: Minimizes window and places its icon on the Desktop in adjusted arrangement
  • Transparency: Makes the window transparent according to adjusted level in application. You may adjust any default transparency level
  • Percentage transparency : Makes the window transparent according to percents from pop-up Transparency Menu
  • Minimize to Tray: Minimizes window and places its icon to System Tray
  • Minimize to Tray Menu: Minimizes window and places its icon to System Tray Menu

You can also set hotkeys for every box hence making it quicker to take actions on windows and applications.You can also rearrange boxes according to your convenience and have the desired feature sequence.

eXtra Buttons is still in beta stages and you may find some bugs in the application. This is an useful application and helps greatly in performing tasks.

Download eXtra Buttons


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    • Although I found a problem that the program comes in the way of all the new browsers with tab on top feature like Chrome,and Opera.

      • Sourojit says:

        @Ashish Mundhra: The application is working fine for me.. With opera and chrome It is perfectly ok..Though The buttons are bit faulty in firefox(in my case).. We can expect better functionality in the final version.

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