Delete, Move, or Rename Files being used by Person or Application Program

On Windows, it is more often that you come across an error saying File is currently in use by another user or application while trying to have some operation on some files. We have already discussed how to Delete files showing Access denied or No longer Valid message and this is also somewhat similar which can Delete, Move or Rename File in Use.

File in Use Error

Such files are generally auto executed or Virus like files which cannot be deleted by Antivirus program sometimes. Yes, you are not actually running these files on your own will but it becomes difficult to perform any operation on files currently in use. So, Tizer Unlocker is a free small program which can take care of such files and processes.

delete rename move file in use

Installation is easy and quick but you can make portable version using Universal Extractor. On execution, select File or complete Folder to see what all processes are currently active on specified location. Then, you can erase or delete it, Move or change file location, Rename it or Kill that Process in one click. Before taking any action, you need to Unlock the handle first.

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  1. Bavino says:

    Hi Rohit! I was looking for something like this and have downloaded the software. I just need to explore it for a while. Take care man!

  2. Nice piece of ware, i can now unlock those files easily without much fuzz.

  3. sam smarty says:

    Nice post useful information.


  4. stevenkor says:

    Anther alternative is “Long Path This very useful if you are having problems
    in deleting, unlocking, copying and even renaming files.

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