Make Free unlimited calls from PC to Mobile anywhere in the World

Every Internet User’s dream! Infact, there are various services promising free local and international calls but sadly, only handful of them works. Here is something using Yahoo Messenger which can be used to make unlimited PC to mobile calls.
Update 13 May 2011 : There are some problems with the toll free number like person on other side doesn’t responds to call so, you can try another trick to make unlimited free calls from Internet.

Yes, there are some services working fine but just for US but this one can be used to make free local calls to India and other nations. I read this on Renjus Blog and tried and voila! it worked for me. I couldn’t resist myself to share this trick with my readers. Here we go-

How to make PC to Phone calls for free anywhere in the World?

What I need? 1. Latest Yahoo Messenger version 9.0 which supports Voice protocols. 2. Microphones

How do I start? After installing Yahoo Messenger, Sign and configure Mic and Headsets. Dial +18003733411 and hit Enter.

1. Enter Number

1. Enter Number

Now, you can see a small window calling to that number with the message : There is no charge to call this number.

2. Calling

2. Calling

You will be connected to Free Call and operator welcomes you. You will be given options to choose from various services from free411 and last one is Free Call. Now Say FREE CALL loudly in you microphone.

There will be short advertisement. Wait till they say -“Please dial the phone number country code first,don’t forget to dial 1 for north America”

Start dialing the desired phone number you want to call. Include Country code (eg. 91 for India) followed by the mobile / landline number.

3. Dial Phone Number to call

3. Dial Phone Number to call

Start talking to the person you have called. It will last for 5 minutes (not too less) and you can repeat same procedure to reconnect.

Why Free? FREE411 service toll-free number is based in USA. This company gets paid for the advertisements from sponsors.

Any Limits or Restrictions? Not actually, you can use this service limitless.

My Verdict : Indeed a great service as I always like FREE ones. I faced problems like while dialing number of desired person- Sometimes they say “Servers are Busy,Try again” but that has to be compromised as its a free service.


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  1. tejaslok says:

    hey ty rohit i was using rediff local ads for callig but it was only 1.5 min only anywer in india

  2. raj says:

    i want this is wonderful.

    • al says:

      can some one help me.. i wanna know how to update my quick heal antivirus 2010.. and also total security 2010

      • i’d like to tell you that why you not install bullguard antivirus….its trial pack is for 60 days….good antivirus …you can find this on net….use trial pack for every 60 days……mind blowing antivirus……if you’d like to contact with me than give me mail…..i will answer

        Akshay Dhurve (

  3. Really A Nice Info to Call WorldWide

  4. Dude says:

    CAn i do from nepal

  5. Er. ekram says:

    i am usingit …..
    a nice technology

  6. ali says:

    my free call is not working please can you open

  7. aruna says:

    Hi Rohit! I’ve tried but there is no option as ‘free call’.so what can i do?Plz tell me how ur getting?

    And please let me know if you know how to call mobile from pc for free by any other means?

  8. ganesh says:

    the operator welcomes me, but she does not give me an option ‘free call’

  9. Pritam Das says:

    hi Rohit!I am from Nepal. I’ve tried but there is no option as ‘free call’.so what can i do?Plz tell me how ur getting?

    And please let me know if you know how to call mobile from pc for free by any other means?

  10. wasim says:

    good and easy way to talk.

  11. eshan says:

    hey there is no option like free call…plz help me out …i m frm india and is there any other website to call free on mobile phones in india..plz mail me..i m waiting

  12. meenakshi says:

    please let me know if you know how to call from pc to mobile for free by any other means?

  13. mohit says:

    hi rohit, please let me know in which yahoo messanger this facility is given
    thankyou ,very mch

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Any Yahoo! messenger with Voice. Its dependent on service, May be they have shut it down or temporarily unavailable.

      • DInesh D says:

        hey, rohit there is no option in the call like “free call”. is there any way to call mobile from internet? at least for few minutes.

  14. Bhai says:

    its not working now do not try

  15. raj says:

    hi rohit i have tried AS u when i call 2 the no .18003733411..a window appear showing 2 send a text message not a voice call..

  16. Aman says:

    The operater doesnot say free call

    its say as toll free

    what i do ?

  17. Mashroor says:

    Hey buddy this Facility is barred so u can no longer make free calls using this free411… so quit bursting ur head on it…….

  18. Neeraj Bajaj says:

    I also want to use it, I have yahoo messenger 10.0.0, which is advanced to yahoo messenger 9.0, but still I am unable, I have done each steps mentioned here. Please help me…

  19. I m cant do that, bcoz after dialing +18003733411 no in the no box, A girl want confirm me 1 with in 4 menu but at last that was not FREE CALL so every time She Reject my Call,when I m telling that.

  20. santosh says:

    this doesnot work…there is no such option like freee calll

  21. sunny says:

    help me to make free call

  22. harris says:


  23. I’ve tried but there is no option as ‘free call’.so what can i do?Plz tell me how ur getting?the operator welcomes me, but she does not give me an option ‘free call’

  24. Farhan SEO says:

    thanks for the free calls number its works 6 monthe before but Now This service is dead . they are not making free calls. please find another number for free calls.

  25. aamir khan says:

    i m setisfied to free call

  26. chandu says:

    i want to know how to make a free call

  27. ayesha says:

    i want to free call but i do not know theory plz ask me theory i am waiting plz ask quickly thank you for read mail.

  28. ayesha says:

    i am waiting for your massage plz responce quickly

  29. lynie says:

    no this call that they said is free call it doesent work. dont blame the poeple plss. if want to get money from this program then sale a card not a credit card not all the poeple in the worl is have a cridit card. thank you

  30. ayesha says:

    i am waiting but you do not responce me plz responce me and ask theory of free call plz solve my problem

  31. sagar says:

    hey! after dialing the no. +18003733411 am not gett ing FREE CALLS in the menu which the operator says!!! someone help please!!!

  32. vivek says:

    free calls to india i want where i can get