Download HTC Sense Clock and Weather Gadget for Windows Desktop

HTC Sense clock and weather gadget is a beautiful gadget available to HTC Phone users. This gadget with its eye catching animations and details has revamped our views towards gadgets of this category. If you are a fan of this widget, you can get it easily as a desktop widget for Windows 7 and Vista with HTC Home.



It is a windows freeware application that adds HTC Sense clock and weather gadget to windows. It displays information in two sections, one showing the calendar and weather prediction for the day and the other one shows weather predictions for next four days.

This gadget adds stunning animations with change in weather conditions like rain, cloud, sunny day etc. There are many settings which you can easily change and add  new locations to monitor weather and change the widget size.

You can also manage the refresh rate by which this gadget updates the information. After adding a new location you have to right click on the gadget and refresh it to see the updated location and weather condition there.

Download HTC Home (9.28MB)



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  1. Tushar says:

    Really cool. Love it.

  2. Nice application for windows from HTC 🙂

    • Pallab says:

      It’s not from HTC. It’s an unofficial open source port by a fan of the Sense UI. The problem with this widget is it uses a lot more CPU than I would have ideally liked. This is probably because it’s a .NET application (WPF). Also the alpha version is a bit buggy and crashed on me on first launch.

  3. Nice! I love it. I just finished installing it on my Vista. But I only have a starter, does it look the same with higher vista versions and 7?

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