5 Firefox Addons I cannot Live without. Especially #3 is Must Install

To me, Browser is an operating system.

It hardly matter what lies beneath because my work related things are mostly online accessed from Firefox web browser. So I thought of sharing only those few addons which really matter and I cannot work without.

#1. Buffer

Post social status updates or share links without distraction.

No matter what website you are browsing or which kind of article you are reading, you may feel like sharing it with friends on social network. Opening application or website in other tab and then posting about it would be a lengthy task (and distracting too!). Instead, Buffer can be used in such situation which lets you share article / page you are reading or any quote or almost anything from any page.

Schedule or Post Social update from anywhere

I use it because I want t avoid distraction of logging and seeing timeline. But Buffer is more than that it can schedule posting updates too in such a way that your friends don’t feel spammed. Get Buffer for Firefox.

#2. Flashgot

How many times you wanted to download YouTube video or any streaming content?

This is an essential task and at some point, everyone feels the need for it. Flashgot is an awesome addon which can capture any streaming media on page. It automatically detects if there is audio, video or flash media on page and then lets you download it.

Capture Video Stream with Flashgot

To access and choose media to download, click on Flashgot icon on right bottom of Firefox window.

[appbox firefoxaddon flashgot]

#3. LastPass

Can you remember username and password for 52 sites to login your account?

OK, Can you at least list down the sites you have registered account for yourself?

NO ( at least not me).

To avoid stressing the memory, most people will keep same username and password for every site but that’s wrong and threat to security.

How about keeping all these password and login details in safety vault and take out when needed. LastPass is one such addon. It can store passwords in cloud in encrypted form and automatically fills login details when required.

Password: Set it and Forget it

In addition, it can generate unique passwords which are hard to crack. Another good thing is that it can remember and auto fill usual form details like Name, Address, Email ID which are generally required while signing up. Great time saver indeed!

[appbox firefoxaddon lastpass-password-manager]

#4. Pocket

Bookmark from Web browser and read it later from any device anywhere even without Internet.

During work time, you may come across an interesting article but it is 3 page long and you cannot afford spending so much time. Pocket comes in handy in such situation which can bookmark the page for reading later.

It is more than just a bookmark. I have installed Pocket app on my Android smartphone which is in sync with desktop. This facilitates reading those articles anywhere in my spare time. Additionally, reading is pleasure on phone app as Pocket strips down unnecessary things and presents in a nice format.

Pocket lets you save pages and read later from anywhere

[appbox firefoxaddon read-it-later]

#5. Lazarus

Recover deleted text or lost form details in one click.

You spend 20 minutes filling every detail on this registration form but suddenly something goes wrong.

Either internet connection went off while submitting or browser stopped responding or computer system crashed.

To avoid filling up every detail again or writing manually, it is possible to recover text and form data in Firefox.

All these situations are unpredictable and losing form data or long written email paragraphs is a high risk so, I keep installed Lazarus on Firefox.

Recover Lost text and Form fills

Life saver indeed!

[appbox firefoxaddon lazarus-form-recovery]

Finishing up

Being a webmaster, I use some more addons which are related to SEO and Web development. Among them two most important are Firebug and SEO Quake.

Is there anything else essential task done on regular basis you can think of?

Share the addon you cannot live without if it is not on the list.

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Mateo - March 20, 2014

This is actually good. I just use last password, but I will do re search about the others.

Amit - April 3, 2014

I use video download helper for downloading streaming videos. It supports YouTube and a plethora of other sites as well.


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