Which Browser Should I Use on Windows: Firefox or Chrome

This is a debatable question whether to use Google Chrome or Firefox as default web browser. Answer cannot be simply one word because it depends on Browsing Habits, System Configuration and more. I personally use both of them simultaneously for different purposes because they have their own PROs and CONs.

I won’t go into technicalities involving which browser has what Acid 3 Test score or Performance evaluation. Instead, I will focus on usability and features provided by the browser. If test results are only benchmark considered, Google Chrome is winner any day.

chrome vs firefox

System Configuration

Firefox is always tagged as Resource Hungry and Heavy Browser. At some point, it is true but not completely. Firefox takes up more time to start up and you may observe delays in response if working on low configuration system. This is because Memory management system behind Firefox is completely different than Chrome. Chrome has different processes for each tab while Firefox runs under single process. Another reason could be leaky Addons installed.

Memory Management on Firefox and Chrome

If we sum up total memory consumption by each process of Chrome and compare with Firefox, Chrome will be heavier. But talking about starting time, Chrome is faster. So, in my opinion, Chrome is preferable on netbooks or computers which are low on resources.

Again, this Memory Management plays an important role. Just because Chrome has different Processes for each tab, closing of frozen tab is easier. You don’t have to restart complete browser just for the sake of one.

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Almost all essential ones are available for both browsers, if not by the same name then an alternative would be there. So, this shouldn’t become a decisive point but talking about other Applications, Chrome gallery rocks.

If you want some game or web application, Google Web Store has plenty of options with awesome interface to browse.

google chrome web store

Restart-Less Extensions: This is the most loved feature of Chrome. You don’t have to restart browser in order to complete upgrade or new installation of any extension. Firefox has this feature but only on handful of addons.

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Browsing Habits

Web Publishing: I am a Blogger and require opening Text Editor several times a day and let me tell you Firefox is very good at WYSIWYG editors as compared to Chrome.

Video Streaming: Especially YouTube I am taking into consideration and my experience says that Chrome is pretty faster in YouTube streaming. Maybe the Google products are optimized to work smoothly with each other but yes, that’s true.

Integrated RSS Reader: If you want to read or subscribe a feed on multiple readers, Chrome doesn’t give me that feature while Firefox has integrated RSS reader.

JavaScript Rendering: Just like YouTube, there are many websites like Facebook, Reddit or Twitter which uses Javascripts heavily loads faster on Chrome.

Translation: Google Chrome browser provides inline translation which means if foreign language detected, it automatically offers option to translate then and there without reloading. Since, Google toolbar discontinued, this isn’t the case with Firefox.

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Reason why people might think of sticking with Firefox is the privacy concern. Chrome being the Google Product can steal our personal data. But let me tell you, by using Google Search and Gmail, they already have lot of personal information about us so, this shouldn’t become a reason.

Conclusion: Firefox is recommended for Development / Publishing stuffs while Chrome should be preferred for fast browsing and Video streaming.

In short, it isn’t easy for me to decide between Chrome and Firefox. You should probably judge your usage and decide on one of them while I continue to use both.

Which browser do you prefer and why?

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tushar thakur - March 6, 2013

I think not only the usage of memory is low in chrome but also the add-on facility and other features of Google chrome are outstanding too….

    Rohit Langde - March 7, 2013

    Hi Tushar, Memory usage on Chrome exactly isn’t low but the way it manages multiple processes on Windows is fabulous.

Sourabh Patil - March 7, 2013

Is it just me or did you really mean Firefox is better than Firefox?

‘Web Publishing: I am a Blogger and require opening Text Editor several times a day and let me tell you Firefox is very good at WYSIWYG editors as compared to Firefox.’

    Rohit Langde - March 7, 2013

    That was a mistake Sourabh, I should really give more time on proof reading. Thanks for notifying, post is now rectified and updated.

Anand - March 7, 2013

Nice article Rohit,

I found a typo: Firefox is very good at WYSIWYG editors as compared to Firefox. (“Browsing Habits”)

Nihar - March 7, 2013

Nice article, I prefer Firefox over Chrome

Bhuwan - March 7, 2013

Firefox tabs freezes sometimes when working on slow connections but users can download videos from YouTube directly using extensions which is not supported in chrome. I use the feature of sync in Firefox across gadgets.

Varun - March 7, 2013

Awesome comparison Rohit. i was waiting for a comparison like this you compared it with the usability and it was perfect. i also like to use Firefox when writing a post and while browsing the web i use Google chrome.

Ajay - March 7, 2013

I tend to use Firefox while composing blog posts, simply because I have always been using this.

I find Chrome very fast for browsing. I do tend to use Safari a lot on my Mac, but mainly for browsing than anything else.

Tahir - March 8, 2013


Nishant Patel - March 8, 2013

nice article rohit. i prefer chrome then firefox.

rakesh - March 10, 2013

As all you know that Firefox consumes lots of memory so i’ve switched to Chrome.

Tonmoy Goswami - March 11, 2013

You forgot to mention that font smoothing in Firefox is way too much better than Chrome. Most fonts on Chrome looks jagged, but is very smooth in Firefox. Last heard, the Chrome devs were still trying to fix it.
I prefer Firfox over Chrome.

    Rohit Langde - March 12, 2013

    Hey Tonmoy, Even I use Firefox as Default browser on Windows but really never noticed the Font issue on Chrome. But now, when you have told me about it, comparing it side by side.

Arunkumar Gudelli - March 13, 2013

I prefer Chrome than firefox. As a web developer Chrome supports more HTML5 features than Firfox. And also more extension awesome browsing experience.

Satya Srinivas - July 10, 2013

It is the same. Chrome is best for regular browsing as it is fast and clutter free. Firefox is more reliable for doing some professional work.

I also use Opera. But, many websites are now withdrawing support for Opera. Nonetheless, it is a rock solid browser with some excellent features.

Mandar - July 10, 2013

On Linux, I have got better results from Firefox than Chrome. May be, this is the reason why many Linux distributions have made Firefox as their default browser.

On Windows, I would prefer Chrome over Firefox. Firefox is more probable to face problems like crashing, hanging in Windows environment.

ZoNi - July 16, 2013

I like both FF and Chrome, but I prefer FF.

Yes, Chrome is little faster on startup, but that is only second or two.

What I miss in Chrome is (for me) much bigger problem:
– no option to Open (zip) files from Net, only to Save (and very often I just want to open ZIP, see what is inside and close it)
– no possibility to auto-hide that boring download bar
– I hate fact that Chrome is NOT installed in Program Files folder
– no separators in Bookmarks
– no RSS reader
– no warning when closing Chrome with many opened tabs

So, yes, Chrome is not bad for users that don’t request many options, or that like to have built-in Flash, but (at least for now) I will continue to use Firefox as my default browser.

ZoNi - July 16, 2013

Regarding translation of web pages – I think that Google’s bookmarklets* are much less intrusive options compared to annoying Chrome’s “drop-down-toolbar”.

* http://translate.google.com/translate_buttons


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