Analyze and track your Website Traffic Stats from Desktop

Analyzing and tracking visitor activity on your website is an important part of website management. The most popular services provided for this purpose are StatCounter and Google analytics. These services are pretty efficient in providing you with information you require but lacks a proper desktop client. Statcounter has no desktop client and has to be opened from a browser, on the other hand Google analytics has a desktop client named Polaris which is handy but lacks in providing good real time stats.

Woopra is a light weight, easy to use and free desktop client that can provide accurate and total information about your website in realtime. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

For using services provided by Woopra, first you have to create an account with it. Then you have to add Woopra Javascript to your website or for wordpress blog sites you can download the Woopra plugin. After completing these steps you are ready to install the Woopra desktop client.

Woopra Menu

The menu consists of the following categories:

  • Dashboard
  • Live
  • Calendar


Shows information on the following sections:


It shows the number of visits and their corresponding page view in graph form.

My pages:

Consists of pages loaded and number of times they are viewed.


Shows referrers from which your visitors are coming.

My Searches:

Searches that brought visitors to your website.

My Keywords:

Keywords that are driving traffic towards your site.


Shows number of visitors and page views from according to geographic location (Country).


Shows number of visitors currently on your website, detailed information about each user can be obtained on fields like visitors, country, referrers, Operating System, Browsers. You can also chat with your visitors using “Start a conversation”. Find out more on “Start a conversation” here.


Shows a calendar where all past number of visits and page views can be seen in a calendar view for all months.



Shows number of visits, page views, time spent on each page, Systems, Browsers, queries and keywords. Also it gives other information about different resolutions and languages in which pages are opened.


Here you can set options like Filter, Notification, map customization, and exclude visits. This is helpful in giving you a fully custom analysis.

With all these features woopra stands as the best website analysis software that you would not mind giving a try.

Visit woopra website.

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Nihar - January 6, 2010

Great post. I have used woopra but not desktop software.

Thanks for this post. WIll try using it.

I use statcounter and google analytics.

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