Where to Buy Kickstarter Funded Project Products and Indiegogo Items Online

If you don’t know what Kickstarter is then let me tell you that it is a funding website which pledges to help innovative and creative ideas. It helps nurturing ideas financially resulting in awesome products. Often, projects reach pledged amount and come out for sale in market.

Problem with these products is- It is difficult to find those and purchase those products online. People who fund even 1$ gets email notification about it but you won’t get to know anything. Also, with the growing crowd on Kickstarter and bad navigation, it becomes difficult to find out the products you liked.


Founders of such project either sell it by their own on their website or use some portal to market. So, to make Finding these products and help buyers to see all collections at one place, Outgrow.me is a one stop shop.

buy kickstarter funded products

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Outgrow.me is not actually an online store but it lists all successfully funded projects from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Find products which are available for ordering and also for pre-order.

It has an awesome site interface with products listed as thumbnail with product info on mouse hover. Left sidebar has categoried to find product and filter out as per need. For example: You can look just for Food products like skinny tea or design or the most interesting “under $25”.


kickfollower to buy Kickstarter products

Visit Kickfollower.com

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How To Buy Kickstarter Funded Products

Clicking on any product will take you to the description page with all possible information and demo videos. From there, you can go to the website where the product can be ordered. Outgrow isn’t responsible from this stage; Payments and Ordering is handled by the website you are directed to.

One thing missing on the site is “Search bar” so, you cannot directly find the product you are looking for. But the site has been established recently so, you can expect this soon. Till then, look out for the products by filtering out by categories. In the process, you may get to know about some other cool products.

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Sincere Thanks to Martin Brinkmann of Ghacks because of whom I came to knew about it.

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sriram - July 28, 2012

was looking for website to buy funded project stuffs . tks . BTW have u ever ordered any products from this site???

    Rohit Langde - July 28, 2012

    Hi Sriram, Let me correct you again that Outgrow just lists the product along with the link to website where they are sold. They don’t sell products themselves.
    And No, I haven’t ordered yet but planning to order this – http://outgrow.me/recoil-winders/


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