Change Android StatusBar Color to Suit Running App Automatically

One of the best features of android is that it’s customizable to the very end. You can get almost any thing you want. With help of apps and Custom ROMs you can unlock new levels of customizations. As time progresses we are gifted with new apps that even keep extending the limits.

Tinted StatusBar is a Xposed App module. It can change the status bar color to match the opened app’s background color. Once you close the app the color will change back to default. This feature gives cool overall visual appearance. To get the Tinted Statusbar module you have to install Xposed app first. Since we have not covered that part earlier, in this article I will be walking you through it briefly.

Xposed Framework for Android

This framework allows you to modify many features in Android without changing the ROM or going through any hideous processes. Now this Xposed Framework allows many modules to work and modify the android behavior. It comes with a bunch of modules like Icon Themer, Per App DPI changer, Full screen caller ID, Battery icon mod etc. The number of mods exceeds a dozen. So you can enjoy wailing your Android tweaking time.

Installing Xposed Framework

Installing it is very easy. Its just like installing just another android app. The main thing here is to get your device rooted, if you still haven’t. Are you still thinking is it worth Rooting Android Smartphone if not changing ROM?

Head over to XDA forum and download Xposed Framework. Detailed instructions can be found in that thread too. Copy the APK file and install it. After installation of APK file you need to install the framework from within.

install xposed framework on android

Tap on Install/Update. Once it installs, you need to make a system restart. On next run tap on the Modules tab to see the present modules. You can install any module available for Xposed Framework.

Modules will be available in form of APK’s. Once installed they start appearing in the module section of the framework. Configurable modules gets separate entries on framework main page. You will be notified with available module updates.

[alert-note] The module is installed but it remains inactive. You have to check it from within the framework to activate it. [/alert-note]

You can have a look at the collection of modules available for Xposed Framework.

Tinted StatusBar Xposed Module

android statusbar default

Now that you are familiar with the framework, we can move quickly through module installation. Download Tinted StatusBar and install it. Activate it from module list. You must reboot your phone once after you activated the module. The above image shows my default statusbar color.

Below are the images of statusbar with different apps.

automatically change android statusbar color

Presently Tinted StatusBar is in early Beta stage and it supports very few apps. As it is an under development app in XDA I strongly believe that soon we are going to see a version covering most of the commonly used apps. The reason for so is that the users are already helping out in making the app addition process quicker.

You can follow the same and help to add your favorite app in supported list.

 Watch Tinted StatusBar in Action

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