Download Unsupported Extension Files From Gmail Attachment on Android

The official Gmail client for android is great. It meets all our needs on a daily basis use but at times it fails. When? Well, if you get files in Gmail as attachment, you might have faced it yourself at least a couple of times for sure. Gmail will only allow you to download files of known extension types and will give error when trying to download unsupported or unknown file extension.

If there is any file sent outside that extension zone there is no operation that can be performed. You can definitely see the attachment but there will be no download or preview button associated with it. The scenario looks something like this.

No download button in Gmail app attachment android

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So as we can see there is nothing to do with the attachment file. Its not that if you have an app associated with the file extension, you can download it. The file extension used in the above image is .Epub. Though I have already installed an associated Epub reader app, I couldn’t download the file.

How to Download Unknown File Attachments from Gmail App

You can solve the problem with one single external app. Well, to be very precise it’s not a separate app and you will not find any app icon on the app window. Gmail Attachment Download is a free android app that acts as a Gmail plugin to download attachments to your SD card.

There are not settings to be played with or additional user input needed. Just install this app and forget about it. Gmail attachment Download will provide you the option to download unknown/ unsupported file attachments in Gmail app. After installing this app you will not feel any difference viewing an attachment.

The image below shows the same attachment mail from the above image. The only difference is that I opened it after installing Gmail Attachment Download.

how to download unsupported file attachment in gmail android

The story is not yet over, when you try to download the file Gmail Attachment Download pops up with the option to download and save the file to your desired location. Additionally you can rename the file before downloading it.

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download unsupported attachments in gmail

Once the file is downloaded, you can open it with the associated app. Gmail Attachment Download also works with other Email Clients. This app works perfectly and is a must have for all android users who access mails on Android Email Clients and want to download any file type attachment on Android’s Gmail Client.

Download: Gmail Attachment Download

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Nihar - February 19, 2013

I didn’t know about this. Thanks for sharing this. Might as well have to face this issue soon


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