HTC like Aero Clock Gadget for Windows 7 Desktop | Horloger

Earlier we covered HTC Home, an excellent application that brought HTC’s clock and weather gadget to windows 7 desktop.  If you liked it and were waiting for similar gadgets, Horloger is just what u wanted.

HTC Clock Widget Windows 7

Horloger is a freeware windows 7 advance aero clock. It is easy to use with minimal user settings. Once the application is installed, the clock starts automatically and is with default settings. If you want to change settings just right click on the clock and select settings.

Horloger comes with 3 skins which can be selected one at a time. you can also customize transparency and add date and day to the clock. The clock shows time in 24 hour format and there is no option to switch settings. The preset screen positions are working well but I could not make the manual position work.

If you considered HTC Home to be a heavy application then you can try Horloger. It is lighter but lacks the weather feature.

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