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India Won’t Get All iOS 6 Features of Siri, Maps, Facebook And More

ios 6 features not available in india

iOS 6 may have brought many improvement and new features but not all of them are for everyone. Most of the new (really good ones) features are country specific and India isn’t among the list of supported countries for most of the features in Maps, Siri, Search, Facebook, Dictation and many more.

Yesterday, I told how iPhone 5 launch for Indian users is a trouble and disappointing.  Now, the iOS 6 running on it isn’t any favorable for India. Here is a list of new features coming with iOS 6 which Indian users won’t get it:

Siri Features of iOS 6

Siri is a voice command assistant for iPhone and with iOS 6, many improvements are incorporated in it. Siri is now more intelligent and also answers questions related to Movies, Restaurants, Sports, etc. Unfortunately, none of them are for India.

Siri local search and restaurant search removes Asia from the list of available regions, while Siri’s ability to look up movie showtimes is only accessible from the U.S., Canada, and U.K.

Though Siri will continue to work as it used to but all the novelties even after upgrading to iOS 6 won’t be available for Indian user.

iOS 6 Maps

Apple no longer depends on Google for Maps instead they have developed their own mapping application. It supports Directions, Navigation, 3D Maps, Traffic, Business Review and Photos. None of these are available in India instead what you get is only the standard Maps.

Again, I don’t think even the standard Map will have Google Maps like information which is here for years now. If you are not aware, let me tell you that Google Maps now support Traffic Data and Turn By Turn Navigation in India with Voice guidance.

So, this isn’t “Improvement” from any point of view for Indian Users.


Apple wants us to get rid of wallet and use the phone for transaction involving buying movie tickets, flight bookings, etc. But, this isn’t happening for India anytime soon.

Even if they introduce, I don’t think many of the movie/airline retailers would willingly accept it as payment mode.

Movies and TV Shows

These weren’t available for India earlier too so, doesn’t make a difference.

Facebook Integration

iOS will have deep integration of Facebook which would allow to update status, share Photos, Sync Contacts and Calenders. Just like Twitter integration was available since iOS 5 which was available all over but I don’t understand why Facebook integration for iOS won’t be available for India.

You can know more about country specific feature availability of iOS 6 on Apple’s website.

iOS 6 isn’t only for iPhone 5 but will be available for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, new iPad, and iPod Touch users on 19th September 2012.

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Mayank Agarwal - September 15, 2012

India is never in front lines when talking about technology because the most important reason is India is not a developed country, IMO.

Saala Gov. India ka saara paisa toh kha raha hai aur Swiss Bank mein jama kar raha hai aur phir tax badhata hai, petrol, diesel, gas price badhata hai…

Yeh saari galti start hoti hai kamine ‘ Neta ‘ logo ki wajah se.


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