Biteslide: Online Tool to Make School Projects Creative for Students and Teachers

Bored yet, flipping through boring books? Do black and white texts seem like ants playing scrabble and make you introspect if ever you are dyslexic? Scratch your head no more; is an amazing tool for you. It attempts to make study more fun, colorful and appeals to the larger creativity of yours to be presented in school projects.

If the romanticism of blackboard and chalk never caught your attention then biteslide will. Biteslide is a very engaging tool that makes projects and assignments easy and fun. The biggest hurdle when you are teaching an adolescent is the wavering attention. Slideshows are an extremely appealing method to create, collaborate and communicate.

biteslide school project tool

Biteslide begins with a quick tutorial that shows you exactly where all the tools, that will make learning cool, are placed. The best thing about biteslide is you can try it out for free. The pricing and plans are viable with a ‘forever free’ plan for one project.

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school project researchWhat is different about biteslide that will make it stand apart from rest teaching tools is you can actually research at the same time and drag and drop objects from Google, Flickr and YouTube. Apart from that you can upload your photos and videos even!! It also gives you the option to down load and print your presentation, making sharing quicker.

You can add on editors to your project and when you are ready, you can send invites to your students and welcome them to a new world of crazy learning. You just have to send them your unique class code and that is all.

Biteslide makes project based learning very visual which enhances the creative involvement of students. It requires no installation thus; there are no compatibility hassles or system requirements. Since ,the online tool works across the curriculum it has unlimited scope for educational institutions, who can use it for all age groups – NO BARRIER.

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Three simple steps of teaching via Biteslide :

Research -> Create -> Present. So, ready for fun learning?

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Tushar Thakur - March 11, 2013

Whenever I click on the button BITESLIDE it open same post in the new tab. Take a look please.

Nihar - March 11, 2013

Again great and useful information.

BTW, I just noticed the button at the end of the post takes me to the same page. Is it right or wrong ?

Tushar Thakur - March 11, 2013

such an good tools for students. it is going to help students and people to make there presentation more presentable.

Hari krishna - March 12, 2013

thanx for very quality information. this article is very useful for both students and teacher for the project work.


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