Prezi is an Awesome Slideshow Maker or Call it a Visual Storyteller

Before a law becomes an Act, a bill is passed in the Parliament similarly before an idea becomes a concept it has to be approved. For approval, one needs to present the idea in a manner that would enhance its value.

Prezi is a presentation tool that helps you organize and share your ideas in an incredible fashion. It begins with quick and easy signup (either create an account or another alternative is Facebook) and instantly takes you to the creators cubicle, where myriad templates await to simply mesmerize you. Some are 3D even!! You can change the themes of the templates using already existing prototypes or amend the themes too.

After you chose your template you can start working on it – add texts, insert images, chose symbols, draw shapes, integrate videos and background music, files and even PowerPoint as well.

Prezi is an excellent software that makes a presentation come alive. It is simply different from other tools developed for presentation creation in terms of aesthetics and ease. It has a very nifty user interface where the placing of icons and tabs are such that it complies with layman’s instincts.

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The unique pan and zoom effect can make your eye balls roll which makes it different than traditional way of presenting. Check out this Prezi and you’ll get idea about how it works and what are the possibilities.

Making a project is fun when you can do it with your team. While getting constant feedback on the development gives the project a definite direction. Prezi has the option of collaborative sharing via mail and social media. You can also save it as PDF or simply call your friends to edit the slides online itself. An added benefit to Prezi is that you can brainstorm your idea with upto ten real time users.

When your collaborators login, their avatar will appear on the Prezi canvas. You can use these avatars to keep track of what others are doing or simply explore freely. They even have the option of handing over total control of the Prezi to other collaborators.

With all its charm the biggest problem with Prezi is that you can’t edit it without internet. Though you can save it and use it but you cannot customize it. To edit, you need Desktop tool which does not come with Free subscription.

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So, How is it? Better than PowerPoint?

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