mSpy Review: Smartphone Spying Application

From last few days, I have been testing out a Spying application called mSpy for Smartphones. mSpy was already included in one of the best mobile spying apps for smartphones but now, I got a chance to have hands on testing the app. I bought a 1 month subscription and here is my honest review about it.

mspy review

Installation and Configuration

I tried it on Android device and mspy application isn’t available on Play Store, you get a download link to mSpy APK from dashboard. File name of this application is kept as a.apk and when you install it, Application name displays as com.system.displayservice. Maybe these actions are taken for security purposes so that target phone user won’t come to know about your intentions.

mSpy Review- Installation

One important thing just after completing installation, you need to take care of is activating the app as Device Administrator. This gives application rights to monitor and Erase/Wipe target phone data remotely.

Registration– Just to confirm the device added to mspy dashboard, you need to verify the PIN given on screen.

mSpy Review Configuration on Android

Installation Finished! Application will now be completely invisible and target phone user will never come to know about the background activities of mSpy.

[alert-announce]App Compatibility: Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry & Windows Phone too.[/alert-announce]

Working and How to Use mSpy

Things to be done on Phone are completed. Now, just login to mSpy dashboard online and you will start seeing the information about the phone you recently added. You can confirm the device by checking out Model number, IMEI (if you know), Carrier, etc.

mSpy Review Device Information on Dashboard

Dashboard is simple and intuitive with important tabs given on left to navigate various places on Phone. Information which mSpy fetches out from device is awesome, almost everything is included in dashboard.

You will feel as if you have a mobile device on Computer screen. Not just information is offered but you also have some privileges to take action like blocking, deleting, specifying rules, etc.

SMS Tracking: Initially, it will take time to sync all SMS conversations but once completely synced, you get to see SMS as they are sent/received.

Call Tracking and Recording: I am facing delays in getting call logs from Phone even though on Wi-Fi connection, maybe it is a platform/device specific problem. Recording is disabled by default but can be enabled on demand.

Location Tracking: App was able to send accurate location data even though, GPS was disabled. It used location from Carrier Network I guess.

Try out demo yourself on official website.

mSpy Review- Location Tracking Remotely

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Synchronization Settings: This is one of the important setting. It specifies when to synchronize: like when on Wi-Fi or Data connection. For SMS, Call Log sync, it is recommended to keep it on ‘All Connections’ but for heavy size data like Call recordings or Video Uploads, you should make it Wi-Fi.

mspy sync settings

This is because, target phone user may get suspicious about the heavy data usage. Again, it is up to you, if you feel Video recordings are important, leave the setting to ‘All connections’.

App and Call Blocking: mSpy Dashboard gives information on all the apps installed on device and along with that previlege to block launching of certain apps remotely. But in my tests, Blocking didn’t work. I was still able to launch and use the app without any obstruction even though it was set to be blocked by mSpy. Same was the story for phone number blocking.

Apart from this, you can restrict certain websites from accessing. This is useful in case of parents monitoring their kids from accessing harmful/adult websites.

mspy review phone blocker

Conclusion: I haven’t used many spying applications for smartphone so cannot compare it with anyone. But, I feel mSpy is a sophisticated Smartphone tracking application with easy to use features. Some features as I said were buggy but the essential oness did their job fabulously. Considering the amount you spend on purchasing this application will feel worth each penny when you start realizing its benefits.

Just in case if you want to know, let me tell you that mSpy offers a money back guarantee so you can try it risk free by visiting mSpy.

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Note: On Android, installation is a breeze but if you want to track iPhone, make sure that it is jailbroken to use mSpy. Follow iOS 6 Jailbreak guide in case, it is not.

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Ideal solution for Business Employers who want to want to track their employees, Parents who want to know what their kids are doing, whom they are talking with or where they are going. Spying on spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend for checking out their loyalty could also be one of the good use.

For any trouble in configuration or queries about the app, please leave your comments and I will be happy to answer them.

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Ajay - February 15, 2013


Check out Avast’s mobile solution. I installed it yesterday on my Nexus 7 and it is indeed very feature rich.

    Rohit Langde - February 15, 2013

    Ajay, That’s really feature rich and has got really nice reviews from big shots. Will give it a try.
    Thanks for letting me know about it. 🙂

Jaydip Parikh - February 15, 2013

Who will SPY that this app will not Spy 😉

Installing App on Android is getting risky day by day. Agree ?

    Rohit Langde - February 15, 2013

    Good question Jaydip.
    It is true that almost everything on your phone is synced on mSpy’s servers too but I noticed that connection type on Dashboard is Secure. So, I hope that data stored is in encrypted form.

    I would like to tell you one more scenario: When you are installing Anti-Theft software (like Norton or so), you have to assign it as Device administrator and that software too has complete access to your data. Moreover, stores it online and can control device remotely. Only difference is, the person on whose phone it is installed is aware about the fact.

    Spying apps too use the same concept but offers some more sophistication and the target phone user isn’t aware of the fact. These apps are marketed in different names like Cell monitoring, Smartphone tracker and even Spying apps. But, at the end of the day, working is same.

    So, just because the name has ‘Spy’ word in it, people get more suspicious.

    Talking about the risk, one has to take certain amount of it, if they want to know the hidden truth behind their Spouse, Kid’s behavior or about an employee.

Janet - February 17, 2013

I installed it recently on an iphone4s.
I also noticed that the block app feature was “hit and miss”.
Wondering if you have gotten any feedback from their tech support.
I was about to contact them about it.

    Rohit Langde - February 17, 2013

    OK So, App Block isn’t only an issue on Android; Story is same for iPhone too.
    I will contact support team now and if you get some reply, please comment here 🙂

Nihar - February 19, 2013

Great review and a great app. Avast is also great.

Steve - July 5, 2013

New android users install anti-virus software (Avast) on the phones straight away. Anti-virus software then detects Mspy and the user/owner of the phone knows straight away that there is spyware on the phone!…making Mspy useless!


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