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Whatever we observe is consciously or otherwise stored in our memory. But every storage cell has a limit. How does the idea of improving your memory seem, that too through games. The idea is indeed intriguing.

There have been many inventions to harness the productivity of our brains like mnemonics but that sounds like a little too much of effort. But the idea of increasing your recalling power in the process of gaming does catch your attention, I recently read a gaming monitor buying guide and it is excellent for those who want to get a gaming monitor but don’t know which one to get

Online Brain Games



Beebrite develops games that improve brain performance and productivity. You begin with a quick signup and then make a simple yet very important decision. You make a choice as to which areas do you want to work on more. Beebrite works towards enhancing five very fundamental facets of your existence, which being language, memory, speed, concentration and calculus.

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The basic free account provides you with basic training and gives you the tastes of games that will make you put on your thinking caps and concentrate hard. The clock that ticks by really puts you on the edge to win the game. The free module will reveal to you basic stats and still gives you a daily dosage of sessions. But you can buy a premium subscription at $4.99 per month, this unleashes special training, advanced stats and what more and what not. The funny part is you are awarded stickers for each level you cross, while at the same time you can follow people and compare with their scores, stickers and stats.

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Another website that helps you develop your cognition skills is lumosity. This enhances memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving abilities. You kick off choosing the different sides of your brain that you wish to develop via brain games that are analyzed by lumosity. There follows some really incredible games that polish your concentration skills and adds to increase your analysis timing. You can compare your scores with others at the same time keep in mind your training history as well as check your brain profile.


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Ready to improve your memory the fun way using these free online brain Games?

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Ajay - March 15, 2013

I’ve been trying out Luminosity. Pretty cool 🙂

Am frankly not convinced to make a purchase yet.


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