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Play Super Mario Brothers on Windows/ Linux/ Mac OS, No Emulators Required

Mario, a name that is familiar to almost everyone. It reminds Us of our childhood days when we spent countless hours in adrenaline rush to cope up with speed of this game. If you missed it for so long, here you can download and play it directly on your Pc.

play mario on windows, linux, mac

Ya it is true, developers have built this game from scratch for our Pc. It does not require any separate emulator or so. It is portable and light weight .exe file, to be precise it’s just 6 MB approx. Operating system does not matter at all because you can play this game over Windows, Mac & Linux so all major OS covered.

play free mario linux, windows, mac

Features of Super Mario Brothers PC

  • Complete recreation of Super Mario Brothers.
  • Elements from Portal.
  • Portal gun that shoots portals.
  • 4-player simultaneous co-op.
  • Level Editor that was used to create the levels in the game.
  • 33 different hats, that’s some character customization.
  • Downloadable Map packs.
  • Game modifiers for extra fun.

Portal Guns! o ya, this is the recreation part, developers have added this stuff from the Portal Game. Now your Mario carries a portal gun, ready and loaded.

Super Mario Game Elements

play free mario windows, linux, mac

Usually when we talk about Mario, we never give any spot light to Game graphics. It has got its own legacy, all it is about is the splendid game play. here on Pc you have few settings to graphics and audio. You can fully customize Mario with hats skins etc. In visual settings you can select shaders to improve visual quality or even select the old conventional television style.

All you have is just fun, from the music till the final flag. I still find making the same mistakes that I made fourteen years ago. So, whats the wait for? Give it a shot.

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