How to Sign Out From Mail App in Windows 8

Following the previous discussion on Windows 8, one thing is for sure and it’s the advancement of apps. On an average, most of you, once signed in to the Mail app using Microsoft account, didn’t have given try to sign out. We found that this becomes an issue in case of normal users. They are not able to sign out from Windows 8 Mail App at first attempt.

Here, in this article, we’re going to provide you the helpful way so that you can easily sign out of one Microsoft account and then on sign in to the other once on the go. Now, lets see the how to part:

Signing Out From Mail App

1. While you’re in the Mail app, press¬†Windows Key + I combination on the keyboard. Select Accounts from the Settings menu so appeared:

sign out of mail app windows 8

2. Now click the Microsoft account you’re signed in currently:

sign out of windows 8 mail app

3. Then you’ll be taken here. As shown, pick the Remove all accounts option, double click on it. Don’t worry. it won’t delete you email account or the data associated with it, instead it will just make you to sign out.

sign out of mail app windows 8

4. Finally, you will be able to see the notification that you’ve signed out successfully. Now you can click on Try again immediately to sing in with the another Microsoft account at the moment.


In this way, you can sign in to different account if you like. Unfortunately, the ability to close and sign out instantaneously is missing in all apps for Windows 8 and same is followed in Windows 8.1 as well. Microsoft should provide, at least a simple close button that will be helpful for the normal users to perform such simple operations in a single click.

Hope you find the article useful…:)¬†

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Marshalshall - July 29, 2013

Kapil your information about Sign Out From Mail App in Windows 8 is truely very helpfull. Many of the users face problem in signing out, i am one of them. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

bahar - March 2, 2014

thanks it was really useful!


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