6 out of 10 People Ignore These Simple Computer Tips

You might be a rockstar of PC tips and trick, but there is a large, really large group of people who don’t know few simple PC tips that can save time or effort on a daily basis. Few people are just ignorant and don’t use them. I have shared earlier some stupid windows 7 Tricks which people really didn’t know about. Here are some common but not so common tips shared by my friend Asif Ahmed of Techtip which you can apply for productive computing.

simple computer tips

1. Automate Scrolling Facebook Timeline

When you are browsing your Facebook timeline, you keep scrolling down using either the down arrow or the mouse wheel. Simply clicking the mouse wheel, you can set autoscroll, set the scroll speed by placing the pointer away from the scroll point. It is very useful for reading long form articles or just browsing through Facebook.

You may also try pressing Space bar to scroll down.

2. Find anything on Webpage Instantly

Many people still try to find a particular word by reading out the whole page of text. Ctrl + F works on any kind of document file and can save a huge amount of time and effort.

CTRL+F Find Text in Browser

3. Browser Based Keyboard Shortcuts

It surely does take a lifetime to switch between tabs in browsers but a simple shortcut (Ctrl + Tab) can make it easy when you are on a laptop and the touchpad isn’t very convenient. There are other shortcuts like Ctrl + T opens new tab, Ctrl + W closes the current tab and so on.

4. Sending .exe Files in Email

Few email services don’t allow attaching .exe files, and you stop trying further. But if you change the extension of your file to something else, say .jpg or .png, you can send it over email and instruct the recipient to change the file extension back to .exe. Or you can also zip the file using Winrar or Winzip. You can also send multiple files at once by zipping them together.

send exe in email

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5. Favorite or Most Used Programs on Taskbar

If you use few programs very frequently, it is a good idea to pin them to taskbar so that you can get them without leaving the app you’re working on. What many people do is, minimize the app they are working on, go to desktop or start menu and launch the program. Launching  another app from taskbar just takes one step.

pin app taskbar windows-8

6. Take Full Control of Small Screen Laptops

Assuming you do not use a 17 inch laptop, just a simple trick will get you little more screen space. Taskbar is very important, the reason I have mentioned above, but you don’t need to see it all the time, better to auto hide it.

Hide Taskbar

7. Stop Typing Google.com to Search

There are people who still type google.com in Google Chrome address bar and then do a search, I am on a mission to tell everyone that they can directly search from the address bar, this is now being offered by other popular browsers as well.

chrome omnibar

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8. Using Google More than Search Engine

You can save so much time by using this, many people know about it but they still don’t use it, type Movies in ‘city name’ and you get the movies playing in cinemas, You can also get currency conversions (‘$23 in rupee’) , simple and complex calculations ( type ‘calculator’) and so on.

google knowledge graph

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There are many more tips which can make your tech life easy but are not being used by many people, if you know any such tip which you want to share with other readers, please leave them in the comment below.

You can follow Asif on Twitter @asifahmd

Image Credits: PC Care 24×7 Inc.

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Kuldeep Kumar - June 4, 2013

Wow Amazing post, yes it is common but never used- because i forget these tricks after reading your post All tricks flash back in my mind.. its really good it can help me and save some little bit time.

Thanks for sharing it with us..

Vijesh - June 5, 2013

Hi Rohit,
Nice Tips,
Among them I Use the Ctrl+F feature to search results in PDF files. Many of the results nowadays are posted in a PDF file and we can find by typing Ctrl+F and enter our number if my number is there I will get a Job else apply for next exam. I also zip and send .exe files to my friends when needed like ccleaner sort of software. Initially I used chrome a lot but now I use Mozilla Firefox but that habit of searching in the address bar hasn’t left me till date I do same in Mozilla too then I remember and use a small tab which is on the right corner of the browser. I don’t have a laptop so I dont use that laptop trick. And Google I use it to check USD to INR conversion to calculate my next Adsense check ha May be all will do that na 😉

Rajat Joshi - June 14, 2013

ha ha ha h ha 🙂
its right…
ur grt…

Rajat Joshi

John Miller - June 20, 2013

great post you have here…find it really helpful. though I knew some these. but i never thought that there can be such kind of calculator. wow! thought i can just do simple calculations….


vishan Sahu - June 22, 2013

all of we make some mistake online.. but you listined it is a good affort…

Thanks for this post, it gives a lot of knowledge, it is a rain drop post…i like it really ..I am intrigued with much of your information and am persuaded to agree with you after reading your material. I’m hoping you’ll add more articles on this topic…because it contain all the information about the exact topic….thanks dear at all for sharing this information..

wow great blog ……nice post i have recommend to my friends..

Abhi Sharma - June 26, 2013

Really i also using computer for the latest 8 years but never used these tips. Thanks

Dustin T. Chapman - July 4, 2013

hmm you are right, this tips are really simple but most people not using the tips. Nice post

Hakeem - August 26, 2013

Very good article….

People typing Google.com to Search because they install third party software or plugins and hence the search engines changes to some other domain.

Sandeep Dhumal - October 19, 2013

Hi Rohit,
I Like ur Blog I want to guide from u for my own blog. I want to make my own blog u can guide me,


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