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Top 10 Game Download Websites For Linux

Why are you not using LINUX? Because : 1.There are no 3D games for Linux. 2.Used by Geeks only. 3.For any thing, must executed by command line. So, friends it’s time to change your perspective about Linux. Now just double click, you can do any thing in Linux. As for myself, I am also Linux […]

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5 RSS Feed Reader For Linux

For updating yourself  about  web information we use RSS feed . Every browser  at present time like Opera ,Mozilla or IE etc are inbuilt feed reader .Let’s talk about standalone Feed reader for Linux .We use many feed reader for Windows .I show you five RSS reader for Linux .

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25 Useful Linux Commands for Noobs

Power of  Linux is base on commands. We have already seen How to hack/ reset Windows password Using Linux command line. We know that Linux is very flexible that is because of commands. Here I will be discussing about 25 very useful commands to change or access by the Linux terminals. If you are new […]

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