Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth Automatically to Save Battery on Android

Battery drain is a big issue with android. Well, more than an issue its how we are using it. Turning off unused features will save some battery life. One of the things that I noticed with myself was that I always forgot to turn off my WiFi before leaving home. As a result, the WiFi keeps searching for access points continuously even when I am outside.

The same happens with Bluetooth device when you keep it on. So these things collectively drains a significant amount of battery.

If you are already using a paid service like Juice Defender, then probably you do not need to look further in this article. Juice defender included these features later on. We will be looking at a free app that handles this service without any fail.

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Wireless Minder controls Bluetooth, WiFi and Mobile data. It switches them off when they are not in use and keeps checking for usage availability periodically. So for instance when you move out of your home and leave the WiFi zone, it will be turned off and only mobile data will be used.

Wireless Minder Interface & Settings

switch off android wifi automatically

Using this app is easy and you don’t have to set up much in order to make it work. Check on the fields you want to monitor like WiFi, Bluetooth or Mobile Data. Select an interval in which it will check for availability for usage then the particular radio service will be kept on else back to off state.

Bluetooth feature is mostly useful if you are using a constant pairing device like Bluetooth headset or hands free equipments. The best part is that you can schedule Wireless Minder to run at certain time period, so that you can have all connectivity when you are at home or say anyplace where you have easy access to charging points.


This app is useful for WiFi and Bluetooth power consumption optimization. Mobile Data anyhow turns off automatically then you are receiving data through WiFi and turns on when there in no internet access via WiFi.

I have tested This app on  Android 4.2.2 and it works perfectly fine. Root permissions will be needed if you are trying it on Jellybean.

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Nancy Badillo - September 28, 2013

Thank you for teaching me this great technique to increase the battery life of my device. I have noticed a great improvement. I now turn off my data whenever I am not using the Internet and battery last longer than my usual 5 hours. I now can go a whole day with out the need to be constantly recharging the battery. Great tip! I told everyone about this article. Very useful information and many people can relate.

George - October 21, 2013

Pretty nice post. Really useful for my smartphone. I just know how do I save my battery charge by following your instruction. Looking for more useful tips and tricks.

Yaso - October 29, 2013

thanks for the tips Sourojit,

Marjorie - February 17, 2014

I was stunned on your blogpost. I didn’t think about the effect of the wifi and bluetooth power consumption when it’s always turned on. So, that’s the reason why I have always a low battery charge. Thanks to you, now I know how to have a long life battery charge and I’m just simply following your instruction. I will share this helpful information on my blogoloola blog. Thank you! 🙂


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