[FIX] “Unable To Display The Current Owner” Error On Windows 8

We all know that Windows basically works on the behalf of permissions for editing it to the core. If you have the permissions, you can make modification to the associated component otherwise not. For instance, if you want to modify typical options of computer, you need to modify some registries, and for that you have to take the ownership of required registries. By default, Windows keeps the built-in permissions to TrustedInstaller and you have to take ownership from it for further modification to system.

Error : Unable To Display The Current Owner

Recently, we came across a weird error accounting for permissions on Windows 8. We tried to take the ownership of a folder, but was unfortunately unable to do so. According to the following window, Windows was unable to recognize or display the current owner in the scenario. Have a look:


After doing some research, we concluded that this happens due to malfunctioning of user accounts rights in Windows. The built-in administrator in this case requires proper orientation and this workaround will be able to fix the issue at its best. But there is no surety that it will not occur in the future.

FIX : Unable To Display The Current Owner

To fix out the problem, we initially tried to Selective Startup at System Configuration (msconfig) utility. Then we disabled all the Microsoft services and enabled them one by one to verify whether any service is causing the issue. Unfortunately, this didn’t make any differences and we remain with no solution. Then we tried the following solution and it fixed the issue, so here it is:

1. Press Windows Key + R, type secpol.msc, click OK in the Run dialog box to open Local Security Policy.


2. In the Local Security Policy window, in the left pane, navigate Security Settings -> Local Polices -> Security Options. Now came to right pane and look for the policy Accounts: Administrator account status which is disabled by default.


3. Double click on the policy to modify its status, you’ll got this:


Click on Enabled then Apply followed by OK.

4. Finally, boot the system into Safe Mode and check the status of problem. From our observation it got solved but we suggest you to reconfirm it. Also take the ownership in the Safe Mode. Restart the system to normal mode, now you will be able to see the current owner. That’s it!

Hope you enjoyed the article and find it useful… 🙂

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