Wix integrates SEO Features Making it Awesome Site Builder

When it comes to building a website, there are many options. First, you can code the entire site using modern web-building languages. Then, there are platforms like WordPress and Joomla that can get a website ready but not without some basic knowledge, you will also need a web hosting choice, rest-assured there are plenty of budget-friendly options, for all the beginners out there. However, you can go for an efficient website builder service. Wix.com is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to create your dream website in the shortest time possible. It is possible using its drag-and-drop components and impressive templates. If you are yet to use Wix.com, check out this How to make a website video tutorial.

Despite all these, SEO is the primary concern when people need to choose a website builder. However this concern is firmly addressed by Wix.com. It has more Search Engine Optimization features than most people expect. Some of these features are not even present on WordPress or Blogger by default. In this article, we will know about Wix SEO features that you will find in Wix Site Builder.

Wix.com offers three different levels of Search Engine Optimization features. We will take a look at all those sections, for a complete overview. This is essentially what you can do in Wix to enhance SEO.

Essential Features in Wix SEO

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Basic SEO elements make your websites visible on Google Search Result Pages. If Google is not able to understand what your site is about, there’s no point in building it. We do respect the value of referral traffic, but nothing beats an Organic source. To deal with these, Wix offers basic SEO features. The major ones are as follows.

  • From the Wix Editor of Wix.com, you can set up the Page Meta Tags. You just have to enter the title, and description and the editor will do the rest.
  • Right from the Wix editor, you can customize the URL address. This is one of the necessary options for creating Keyword oriented topics.
  • Heading Tags are not just for SEO. It also helps your visitors navigate through your web page in a structured manner. Hence, helping you to keep the focus on your content.
  • You can also take care of Content Keywords while crafting every Page or blog article. You will be able to track their density from the same control panels.
  • Anchor Links can connect different pages of your website altogether. Making the right anchor links is an essential thing for an impressive site.
  • Alt Text isn’t something your readers see, but Google does that. You have to keep the right alt text for images. In this way, you give more details to Google about the picture content.
  • Using Wix Mobile Editor, you can optimize your website/blog for Smartphone users. Nowadays, Google counts in this factor because Smartphones are starting to rule the world.

Tools & Apps in Wix SEO

Wix Seo Wizard

The basic SEO section sets the base standards for visibility. However, when you need the best results, you can do a lot of other things too. Wix has integrated support for many SEO Tools and platforms. Let’s have a look at them.

  • With Wix settings, it feels easy to connect and set up Google Search Console with your website. Hence, you can get all the information about Google’s Crawling of your site.
  • Google Analytics, you have to set it up first. It lets you analyze the audience you receive and make useful conclusions from the big data.
  • Wix has an option to add a regularly-updated Blog to your website. This is one of the best ways to bring organic visitors into your site and to increase brand reputation.
  • Site Booster is an exclusive feature from Wix, for listing the website in local directories. It works with Google, Google Maps, Yahoo, Yelp, etc. This SEO consultant from Sydney tested it and recommended it.
  • There are many SEO Apps in the Wix App Market, like Rabbit SEO Platform and SEO Coach Analytics.
  • Last but not least, the SEO Wizard from Wix is a step-by-step SEO Auditing tool. You can check every aspect of your website to get a clear idea about its SEO status.

Technical SEO Features in Wix

These technical aspects let you get the best results, from every Google & Social search performed. We must say these features are easy to find and use if you are in the Wix Editor.

  • You can change how your website looks when people share it on Social Networking Sites like Facebook or Twitter. You can do this while setting up the web page or blog post.
  • If you have shifted from an old site, 301 Redirects are an effective way for not missing your reader base. You can quickly set it up via Wix platform.
  • Google Indexing section of Wix lets you decide the content that Google can read. If you want, you can block pages from indexing in a few seconds.
  • All the web pages created by Wix are in Pure HTML5. Good code is always an impressive way for better SEO Crawling and advanced reach.
  • Options like Hosting and CDN in Wix are just superb for all needs. Hence, Speed and security is never a thing to worry about.
  • Schema.org Implementation is the new way to talk with Search Engine. You can let Google know the primary category of your content and what it’s about. You will surely see some brilliant results in lesser time. This feature improves your Search result SERP display with more relevant data. Hence, better chances of getting clicks on search results.
  • Last but not the least, XML Sitemaps make sure that your website structure shows correctly to search engines.

If you are using Wix, these technical features are a few clicks away. In most of the other platforms, you will need the help of additional code or some third-party extensions.


So, these are the three sections of SEO Features you will find on Wix Site Builder. These things are useful in every step of creation to the publishing of content. For instance, if you are moving from an old domain, you can quick results via 301 Redirects. At the same time, Schema.org Implementation is good when you want to get traffic via quality content. In short, Wix is one of the most SEO-friendly Site Building platforms we’ve found. SEO is one of the major aspects of digital reach. It is important to use SEO Tools for building a website or blog.

Want to know more about Importance of SEO on your new website and how Wix SEO can help? Check out this great Wix SEO guide at The Blog Herald.

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