4 Must Have Plugins for a Multi Author WordPress Blog

Everyone start a blog for personal usage but if starts are on his side and his blog is a great success its time now to take in more authors. Sure managing a multi author blog is tedious task but here are 4 useful plugin that will help you out if you are planning to grow.

Role Manager

roll manager

It’s the most important plugin once you are planning to take in more authors. This plugin will help you to assign different privilege level to different users. For example a editor will be allowed to open and edit all the posts but he will be devoid of deleting any.Β  You can also create custom profile with different roles.

Download Role Manager

Author Comment

This plugin will highlight all the comment from the author on its blog post and make it easier and simpler to read comments and replies. The only requirement is that the author must be logged before he makes any comment.

Download Author Comment

Pre-Publish Reminder


Each admin has a check list before he or she publishes the blog. Now you can share your check list with your co-authors and remind them to check few things before they press the button for review.

Download Pre-Publish Reminder

Audit Trail Plugin


Audit Trail is a plugin to keep track of what is going on inside your blog. It does this by recording certain actions (such as who logged in and when) and storing this information in the form of a log. Not only that but it records the full contents of posts (and pages) and allows you to restore a post to a previous version at any time.

Download Audit Trail Plugin

Do make sure you give enough credits to the author by showing his name and link at the end of the post. Sure there are revenue sharing plugins too if you are willing to share your ad-space with your authors.

Want to make an addition to this list? Do let us know the WordPress Multi Author Plugins that you are using.


About the Author

Ashish Mundhra from Siliguri (India) loves exploring the gamut of new developments in the technology field. Once versed with the knowledge, he loves sharing his experiences and experiments with the world.

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  1. Ganesh Mane says:


    hey Rohit and Ashish

    Great work πŸ™‚

    can you please tell me which plugin you use for this blog for You may also like or related posts

    please tell me the name of that great plugin u use for display You may also like posts entries ..

    please please please…… πŸ™

    please give me that plugin…

    • Rohit Langde says:

      It’s Related Post Slider by Internet Techies.

      • Ganesh Mane says:



      • Ganesh Mane says:

        Dear ROHIT can you please give me all plugins name which you use for yours this GREAT blog … πŸ™‚

        please pleaseeeeeeeeeee ?

        please E-mail me all plugins name which u use in this GREAT blog …

        please …

        or make a new post related to all plugins u use in yours blog

        esp ; please tell me name of plugin which you use for displaying each image for each post i meant it post thumb for example when we visit to http://www.blogsolute.com we see yours GREAT LATEST posts EVERY DAY and every post have its own image after name/title of post ..

        so please give me name of that plugin …

        thanks yours FAN πŸ™‚


        • Rohit Langde says:

          Thumbnail feature is now inbuilt in WordPress, you can call that function by creating custom field. Many WP themes comes integrated with that function if not, then you can use “Get Image” plugin.

          • Ganesh Mane says:

            Thanks You very much ! πŸ™‚

          • Ganesh Mane says:

            Hey ROHIT we all know you are a great Blogger and we know that earning money is depend on our blog content visitors clicks … etc ….

            but dear ROHIT we all also know you are a great Blogger and but we dont know how much great bloggers earn per month with there own blogging skill..

            yes rohit if you please tell us how you earn with yours great blogsolute blog per month and how? please rohit make a new post

            we really waiting for that great reply !!


  2. Navin kunwar says:

    Great post btw i wa looking for revenue sharing plugins.

  3. Hey Ashish nice plugins
    can you please tell me does more installed plugins slows yhe site for wordpress….

  4. how much at the most rohit?

    • Rohit Langde says:

      There isn’t any fixed number of plugins to be used. But, you must use only necessary ones and avoid using them if the function implementation can be accomplished manually.
      Example: WordPress has inbuilt support to show Recent posts widget so don’t use a plugin for that.

  5. thank you so much Rohit
    You helped me lot thank…

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