Fix “Unable To Connect” Error While Adding Gmail Account in Windows 8 Mail App

Windows 8 has inbuilt Mail App which by default adds Live account but also gives option to add other Email accounts too. Here, we will learn how to configure Google account with Metro Mail, People and Calender app.

How to Add Gmail in Windows 8 Mail app?

  1. Open Mail app and move your cursor to right side.
  2. Click on Settings icon (Gear).
  3. Click on Accounts >> Add Account >> Google Account
  4. Enter Google Account Credentials (Username and Password) to Sign in.

If everything goes correct, it will automatically start syncing mails from Gmail. In some case, you may get an error “Unable to Connect. Ensure Information entered is correct”

How to Fix Unable to Connect Error in Windows 8 Mail app

There are 3 possible solutions to fix it.

A. Restart After Windows Update – After installing Windows 8, updates do get downloaded automatically but aren’t installed actually. This was the problem in my case which caused Google account adding error.
Fixing this is actually easy, you just have to install and restart Windows 8.

  1. Go to Homescreen (Press Windows button)
  2. Right click and click on “Show all Apps” icon on bottom right.
  3. List of Apps will open and on this screen, move cursor to right side and click on “Search icon” (Magnifying Glass)
  4. Type “Windows Update” and Settings will open.
  5. Here, click on “Update and Restart” button.
Another possible solutions are:

B. Try using instead of while entering Username to sign in as suggested by user in a forum.

C. Generate Application Specific Password

If you have enabled 2 step verification on Google account then you need to generate new password for logging in.

  1. Go to Google Account Security Settings
  2. Click “Edit” in front of “2 Step Verification”.
  3. Manage Application Specific Passwords.
  4. Generate New Password and use this password to login Windows 8 Mail app.


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  1. vijay hardas says:

    a very useful content indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nitya says:

    seriously a very informative content. I am looking forward to get much more useful information from you.

  3. Harshit says:

    Thanks man….worked like a charm…!! 🙂

  4. bobi says:

    I can’t add Yahoo Mail to Windows 8 Mail app, any suggestion how to fix it ?

  5. Vignesh says:

    I can’t add Yahoo Mail to Windows 8 Mail app, any suggestion how to fix it ?

  6. Ankur Mhatre says:

    I think, to add yahoo mail there is a tutorial on youtube. I have seen it a long time ago. Try to google it.

  7. Tulipe says:

    thanks for the tip! installing windows update did fix the bug.

    reason not really obvious, but this is Microsoft….)

  8. Alberto says:


    would it be possible to get more details about the update? I am experiencing the same problem (MS and gmail accounts with same name, unable to connect to gmail account); I installed all the available updates for Windows 8, tried with googlemail instead of gmail, and disabled 2-step authentication in gmail. The problem persists. Thank you for any suggestion!

  9. Monzer Osama says:

    Unfortunately, with Google changing the way it supports EAS, your Google calendar can’t sync with the Calendar app.
    Read the details:

  10. George Nixon says:

    Monzer is right, I followed all of the steps and no results, turns out I just needed to untick the box for including calendar as it’s no longer supported (ended Jan 31st 2013).

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