How to ReInstall Quick Heal 2012 Trial Version by Clean Uninstall

Quick Heal 2012 version launched recently and we shared offline installer setup download links. All those links referred to 30 Day trial version and even try to reinstall it, it gives error that you used it already and cannot use it anymore.

This happened because when we uninstalled Quick Heal, some traces in registry were left. These Registry entries give an indication to Setup / Installer which stops after detecting it. Clearly, we have to make a complete clean uninstallation of Quick Heal first to reinstall Quick heal Trial version and use it again on same system.

This tutorial, however tested on Quick Heal Total Security 2012 but should work on other products too (Quick Heal Internet Security 2012 and Antivirus Pro 2012) as the mechanism remains same.

How to uninstall Quick Heal 2012 Completely

Update 07 May 2012 – All those facing problem with wiping out Quick Heal 2012 completely, use Quick Heal 2012 Removal Tool which automatically deletes all Registry Keys and installation files related to the antivirus program.

Thanks Abhay for the Tip

Installation is straight-forward as we uninstall  most of the the application Programs from Windows.

  1. Start >> Control Panel >> Program and Features
  2. Click on Quick Heal from the Program list and Uninstall
  3. Make sure you keep all things checked to remove reports and other stuffs related with Quick Heal.
  4. Restart Computer (This is necessary)

Go to Registry Editor ( Win + R >> type “regedit” and press enter )

  1. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Quick Heal and delete Complete Quick Heal Key..
  2. HKEY_USERS > .DEFAULT > Software > Quick Heal and delete this key too..
  3. HKEY_USERS > S-1-5-18> Software > Quick Heal and delete this key too..

Now you can reinstall Quick Heal 2012 as usual and program will install as usual.

This procedure can be repeated any number of times and use Quick Heal Trial for unlimited period of time by applying trick every month.

I know this is quite laborious process to do but you can save time by not updating complete Virus Definition updates online every time you repeat by keeping a QH 2012 offline update backup. Here’s how you can update Quick Heal 2012 offline.


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  1. Vikash says:

    @Rohi: so in this way we can use quick heal every month just uninstaling it from registry?

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Yeah, follow the procedure completely to reinstall again 🙂

      • jack prosar says:

        i m still enble to reinstall the quickheal.. i dont know why..i have fillowed the procedure as u mentioned.. but still unsuccess..

        let me know why?…
        waiting for your reply…

        • EliteHack3r says:

          This registry trick does not work any more,probably Quick Heal blocked the loophole.Although there is another procedure to reinstall QH,just google it,u will find.Thanks.

      • karan says:

        hey i’ve formating my pc and now use window xp. before this i get used to window7 and install quick heal and now when at present after formating the copy of registration will occuring some prob. to register me again?? what can i do for plz give me some advise on it in my mail id plz

  2. Vikash says:

    Thanks for the trick rohit
    as you also know me attached to quick heal more than any antivirus

  3. SANJO says:

    whether we can renew online during re-installation??

  4. SANJO says:

    i mean, whether we can update online after re installation?

  5. Jis says:

    it is easy to uninstall. use regcleaner…
    u can download in net. its free.. search regcleaner..:)

  6. vinny says:

    But m unable to del registry values..when i try to conform del the value i got an error msg(unable to del all specified values)…what can i do to fix it?

  7. manowar says:

    just uninstall quick heal total security 2012 and then try to install it again as mentioned above. u will not be able to install again…!!!

  8. nikhil verma says:

    it did,nt worked ….on QUICK HEAL TOTAL SECURITY


    • Rohit Langde says:

      Above screenshot refers to testing of Total Security 2012 itself/ Be precise in commenting your problem so, that I can help you out.
      Commenting that it didn’t work will just send negative signal to other readers.

  9. manowar says:

    I told u that its not working but deleted that post..!!!

    Really its not working at all…

  10. sonu singh says:

    please tell me uninstalling of quickheal total secority 12. i havean error

    “drvspace.exe””some component is use throw the application”please close these”

    please help

  11. manowar says:

    setup file u mentioned above is also not working…

  12. Shrikant says:

    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > and HKEY_USERS > S-1-5-18> Software > are not contain Quick Heal key ,but still Total security trial version is fail to Reinstall pls tell other way…

    • Tilak says:

      Dear check your “program files” folder in C: drive, here you find quick heal folder having update files, delete it and reinstall your trail version.

      • Vinod Thakur says:

        i m facing the same prob. and no quick heal files or folder in c drive. all folder of c drive i checked.
        even in searching option thr is no files n folder as well…..

  13. himanshu says:

    it is not working at all just it comes some errors

  14. Rupesh says:

    Even After Removing the Keys From Registry,the Problem is still persisting i.e.installation cannot proceed further,Purchase now.

    • Tilak says:

      Just use this method to uninstall quick heal

      after that check “program files” folder here you find QuickHeal folder Delete it and reinstall..It’s working for me

      or use perfect uninstaller remove it…

      after that install new trail version

  15. sukanta says:

    does it work on windows 7????

  16. ganesh says:

    Not working..:(cleaned still nt happening..

  17. Deepak says:

    Is their any tricks to make it from 30 days trial to 90 days trial.

  18. titus says:

    Not working i deleted all the above keys, but i am unable to install a fresh trial version. It somehow detects the previous version. The earlier 2009 version i cud successfully just uninstall n install 2010 version wo deletion of the registry, but now even after deletion of the keys its detecting the prev version. Quickheal has left files elsewhr on the drive, which detects the prev version. Do u have ne other suggestions?? pls reply.. my mail id is

    • Tilak says:

      Dear check your “program files” folder in C: drive, here you find quick heal folder having update files, delete it and reinstall your trail version.

  19. NEERAJ says:

    well i would suggest that users should instead use quick heal removal tool and then restart their PC and again install the Antivirus and this thing works out for me.

  20. SHANTANU says:


  21. chetan says:

    thanx brother…
    its working ..yaar.. i can now reinstall trial version

  22. pankaj says:

    Thanks for the trick rohit it is working…..

  23. prashant says:

    I have delete all folder and file and registry.but still i am unable to reinstall quickheal internet security 2012.
    plz help

  24. manish upadhyay says:

    thnx buddy its really working…..

  25. abhi says:

    it says installation cannot proceed further you have already used quick heal ome/trial version on this system clik purchase……
    i formatted my system also but it’s not working

  26. tiku says:

    dear sir/madam
    please have a Trick For how to use 1 quick heal copy to multiple pc’s I Have a quick heal internet Security with 3 Years license & I used this license more then 3 pc’s. If you have a License then copy Just two files from your Pc’s No. 1 is SCNCHK.Dat From C:\Program Files\Quick Heal\Quick Heal Internet Security. this file containt a Machine Key & 2. file is RegAct.Dat from Your C:\Windows. this file containt a License. Install a Quick Heal Internet Security & copy & Paste These two file to below Location. These Two file paste only with safe mode.
    1.old copy SCNCHK.Dat & RegAct.Dat from (HP SERVER)
    2.Paste SCNCHK.Dat file but not running [cannot copy regact: Access is denied.] (HCL SERVER)
    please send to me…..

  27. Amit says:

    THEN I OPENED HKEY_USERS > .DEFAULT > Software > Quick Heal and deleted this key too..
    HKEY_USERS > S-1-5-18> Software > Quick Heal and deleted this key too..


  28. Jogesh Arora says:

    Hi Rohit,

    I am getting an error while installing quick heal 2012 in winxp based system, getting a message that I have already used trial version.

    I have also deleted registry of quick heal but getting same error.

    Please help for the same.



  29. Shikha says:


    After successfully re-installing the trial version again, when I want to activate it, it does not allow me. It says ‘This copy of QuickHeal Antivirus Pro can not be activated. The licence period of the copy has expired.

    Any help???

    Thanks a lot.

  30. Ved Prakash says:

    yes buddy when i tried to reinstall the quick heal after removing from my computer and registries then it gave message,
    The licence period of the copy has expired.what should i do help me……….

  31. abhay says:

    just use quickheal removal tool available at quickheal website itself. just click on tool it itself deletes all regs etc restart comp and it done!!!!!!!! (using it successfully from 3 years )

  32. Prabodha says:

    hoping its a good forum.
    I had tried to uninstall QH internet security 2012 but it is asking PASSWORD while unistalling how come.. I did not set any password !!!!!!
    plz help..

  33. Ved Prakash says:

    buddy it’s not working…….as i said before,
    after removing trial version from removal tool it lets on to install
    a new trial version thik you guys can make a fix to this issue…..

  34. utsav jaiswal says:

    Is it only for Quick Heal 2012 or will it work om Quick Heal 2011 too?

  35. suraj maity says:

    Quick Heal 2012 version launched recently and i install offline installer setup download links. All those links referred to 30 Day trial version and even try to reinstall it, it gives error you have already used Quick Heal OEM/Trail version on this system,click purchase to buy commercial license
    but iam uninstall Quick heal,iam go to registry editor and right click > find > quick heal > find next and many search result i am delete all
    and next time reinstall it to the error message you have already used Quick Heal OEM/Trail version on this system,click purchase to buy commercial license

    please help me my E-mail
    please please help

  36. fghfghh says:

    any program/software will make use of more no.of registry entries during installation time. deleting one or 3 entries through searching with their names included will not help anymore.

  37. PRANCER says:


  38. Sujit says:

    I want Quick Heal license key and want to know how to make 30 days trial to 1 year activation.

  39. Sandip says:

    It’s not working dude.
    Actually i don’t saw quick heal folder key in s-1-5-18

  40. Mega Bytes says:

    I uninstall and remove all the registry entries of quickheal trial version 2012 from the system, but when I reinstall then it gives message that you have used already trial version. and exit installation.

  41. Karan Kashyap says:

    my friend i go through all the procedure but cant reinstall QH,
    I search for word “Quick” only in my “registry editor” and found QH some kind of registry there i think it may interrupt us by reinstalling,
    I try to delete it but it not be deletable for me, if you guys have any idea to delete it please let us know, for one more try


  42. ss says:

    The registry is showing no folder named quick heal. Kindly help.

  43. Vinod Thakur says:

    it is not worked 🙁 i hv use win 7 64 bit. i hv quick heal removal tools but it is work fine in 32 bit not in 64 bit.
    and the 2nd trick u told us.
    still facing a prob. when i uninstall quick heal. automatic thr registry information removed from reg. directory . i go to regedit and try to found quick heal but unfortunately i cant see quick heal reg. info any where in any section.
    Wt do i do.. can u help me plz… 🙁 :'(

  44. yogeshkr says:

    it gives the same message
    i tried it

    pls help me sir

  45. DEE says:

    have removed it completely from my registrar and downloded quick heal total security 2013 but when i am installing it , it shows the same message that you have already used oem/trial version , purchase or exit installation, please help its not working

  46. shubham benani says:

    hey is this work in quick heal 2013?

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