Get Social & Email Notifications at One Place Without Separate Login in Chrome Browser

If you have been hankering about keeping up with all your virtual social life updates at one go, then ‘Chime’ away. Chime is chrome’s new add-on endeavour to serve your networking vivacity on a platter.

It is always difficult to hang on to different tabs and keep a constant check on building notifications. You wish either all your friends would be on one network or there would be a platform that would link all these wonderful social media channels, catering to your wide connections of friends and acquaintances, which has very subtly oozed in to every crevice of life demanding unnerving attention.

Chime is a tool that aggregates notifications from a wide scale of online networking:

  • Gmail (emails)
  • Reddit (comment replies and personal messages)
  • Facebook (notifications)
  • Twitter (mentions)
  • Linkedin (notification and invitations)
  • Quora (notifications and messages)
  • Github (notifications)
  • Flickr (mail)

And the list goes on, yet the option of choice rests with you.

Chime is an ingenious tool not to forget, secure and easy to handle. It would help you lighten the pressure on your browser by doing away with mini-notification extensions of individual apps only to be replaced by one single ‘chime extension’. Chime maintains your privacy as there remains no server-side code, so all the data remains where it is supposed to be – on your PC.

The free-online-tool does NOT require you to sign in again and again into the several portals, thus making the usage simple and easy with appealing design. You just need to login via Chrome and Chime app will detect it automatically. Henceforth, it continuously monitors it for new notifications. Yes, you can close the tab and continue working on others.

social network notifications

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popup notification chimeThe only glitch with the app seems to be its compatibility, which solely lies with Chrome.  Another irony of the app is, it does not ‘chime’, so as to say it lacks sound notifications. You will just notice a pop up from bottom-right of screen and you also access unread notifications later from extension button besides address bar.

Though, the app covers a lot of social networking hub it still requires to add a few more to make it a complete confluence, like Yahoo and YouTube. So, if you are looking for something which can bring all social network notifications at one place, Chime is for you.


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Nihar - February 23, 2013

This is real great tip and time saver. My wife uses Chrome will ask her to check this out.


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