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Why Brands use Social Media Listening Tools?

Social media is one of the best ways to build brand awareness. Stores rely on locations – to come up with the best business signs that people will look at and remember, social media is a great tool for publicity and can also make your brand stay in the viewer’s mind just like your sign does. It has now become a priority due to the increasing number of people getting inclined towards different social networking platforms. Continue reading


How to get Direct Link URL to Facebook Wall Post or Status

Facebook URL

Dear Blogsolute,

How can we get exact link (URL) of a share-post of an article ON OUR WALL, which we shared from another media like online news paper etc. I’ll clarify more. Suppose, I shared a news link of Times of India on my Facebook wall (with my own comments).

Then, I want my friends to come to my wall and read/comment/like on it. But when I’m trying to extract the link (URL), I’m getting the link of that original media’s news link and not the link directed to my Facebook wall. I want my friends to be directed to MY FACEBOOK WALL POST ONLY, NOT TO TIMES OF INDIA’S NEWS LINK.

Christo Chandy


Dear Christo,

I understand your problem and it is evident because Facebook hasn’t given any such option directly. Fortunately, it is not difficult to get permanent link to any Facebook post whether on your wall or posted by someone else.

All you have to do is get the link of Time stamp of that post.

Get Link URL to Facebook Post

By time stamp, I am referring to Date and time of that post. Just right click and ‘Copy Link Location’. Now paste it and share the link with your friends. It will be directed to your Facebook post with comments and Likes not the share news link.

Facebook Post Permanent Link

Hope that’s clear and from now on, you and your friends will be able to share any Facebook wall post or status easily.


Facebook URL


Why Twitter isn’t Popular Like Facebook Among Indians?

Twitter Popularity in India

Indian market remains a Rubice cube, which many have attempted to ace. Few did for sure but others had to satisfy themselves with scaling just the lower dip of the Pyramid.  It has been a well set notion that when standing in a queue; most of the status updates are posted. It was one such queue, much to my dismay outside current reservation counter at the Pune station, (For those who don’t know, that could be the longest queue who will ever find yourself prevailed upon to stand in) that I tumbled upon why Twitter has not been run out by Facebook as of yet in this monopolistic market. Continue reading