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With an Android smartphone we can do almost anything. We can make things look beautiful as well as productive at the same time. To save time we do place apps, settings, contacts on the home screen. Wont it be a good idea if we had other ways to launch apps directly without even making a single shortcut on home screen. This keeps the home screen cleaner and better organized. So, how do we launch apps directly! Trigger is a nifty app which allows you to launch almost anything you need with hand drawn gestures. Lets take a detailed look on how Trigger makes launching anything like a breeze on your Android phone.

Trigger Features

  • Search Key for phones with Search Buttons
  • Notification Bar for phones without Search buttons
  • Shake Phone to launch
  • Custom gestures
  • Launch any apps

Panels that can be added are:

android launcher with gestures

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  • App Panel – Create selected app folders and gesture to launch them.
  • Image Panel – Create selected image folders and gesture to launch them.
  • Info Panel- Create gestures to display date, time, battery.
  • Text Panel- Launch any text you like.
  • NotePad Panel- Launch text file folder.
  • ClipBoard Panel- Create a clipboard and place texts that you will need later.

Settings that can be added are:

  • Profiles
  • Vibrate Mode On/ Off
  • Vibrate Mode On/ Off
  • Silent Mode On/ Off
  • WiFi On/ Off
  • Bluetooth On/ Off
  • Data On/ Off
  • Airplane Mode On/ Off
  • Adjust Brightness
  • Adjust Volume

Handy Utilities:

  • Open Dial pad
  • Call Number
  • Send SMS/MMS
  • SMS/MMS Contact
  • Send E-Mail
  • E-Mail Contact
  • Open Website

Working with Trigger

hand gestures on android launcher

Trigger is very easy to use. All you need to do is open a desired event within the app and set a predefined gesture. The app creates a shortcut on home screen that opens up with space to enter your predefined gesture. So, your first task with this app will be to set the gestures. To add gestures to events you have to open Trigger from the app menu.

Free gesture app launcher android

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You can browse all the provided category, select the event and add a gesture against it. Now open Trigger app from home screen and draw the gesture. One thing to keep in mind is that the gesture need not be perfect, you can enter a ” C ” to launch clock and deviations are OK. A good practice will be to keep unique gestures to different apps. keeping close gestures will result in ambiguity while launching the event.

Trigger is not exactly free though you have a limited version. The Limited version only allows you to use 6 gestures. Well, I have put them to good use.

Download: Trigger Limited ( Free)

Download: Trigger Full Version

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