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Create your own short URLs on WordPress

short-cut-urlShort URLs are very popular among us especially who use Twitter. Many services (Like TinyURL, are available to carry out this task. Although, they are enormously useful but using them has some disadvantages too :

1.  By using an outside service we are strengthening brand and driving users to the service, without gaining anything in return. It means useless promotion of something.

2.  There is always a risk of getting these URLs deleted, shifted or destination changed.
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Twitter Followers counter in plain text

A simple way of showing number of followers on twitter is using Twitter counter buttons or you may use the WordPress plugin which has some badges to show counters.

However, if you use WordPress then using a plain text to show Twitter Followers’ count is preferable as a matter of beauty. There are some hacks developed which includes some changes in core files of WordPress installation but some of you may find it difficult to perform the hack so, ThemeSphere developed a plugin to work out this thing for you.
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Evidens WordPress Theme by DesignDisease

evidens-previewThe web design company Design Disease is known for the quality of its services in connection with the results, to focus its designs on the usability, accessibility and Web standards. I really appreciate their creations using fine typography which looks pleasant at first sight mainly by the excellent color combinations used.

Evidens is the name of his latest work available under Creative Commons license. A free WordPress theme to 3 columns and structured style with a somewhat minimalist compared to the other templates, formed by large and a separate comprehensive section of publication that makes it very useful to insert any type of multimedia content.
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Woogle WordPress theme : Google Search engine clone

I always wanted to make a clone Webpage or template of Google Search Engine Default page (inspite of being not so difficult, I couldn’t do it). Anyways, here is some ready made stuff of WordPress Theme named Woogle (WordPress + Google)

Woogle WP theme is a clone of Search results page of Google engine. All your posts will be displayed as if they are the results of your search query entered. It would be great fun to fool off your mates.
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