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10 Things To Do after Installing WordPress

10 things to do after installing WordPress

WordPress is popular and common platform among bloggers. Installation of WordPress is also quick and simple (thanks to Fantastico which is generally included by all hosting providers). Finishing installation doesn’t completes your work but that’s te beginning, there’s much work still to be done. So, Here I am leaving you with 10 things you should do after installing wordpress blog. Continue reading


Arthemia – Simple and Sober Magazine WordPress theme

Arthemia WordPress theme

Arthemia is another WordPress theme which has a premium look and available for free download. Arthemia is combining a magazine and a weblog into one; it is not too magazine-ish nor too blog-ish. The front page of Arthemia shows the headline and featured post of yours along with the pictorial representation, that’s the magazine style, while the rest of your post will be shows sequentially just like a usual weblog. In the middle of the front page, Arthemia has a nice blue-and-black category bar which will help your readers exploring you site. At the bottom, Arthemia is outfitted with a blog must-have section, a three-list of favorite posts.

Features Included :

  1. Drop down menu for page navigation.
  2. Automatic image resizer.
  3. Widget ready theme.
  4. WordPress 2.5 compatible with Gravatar support.
  5. Pagination support for the blog post lists in the front page.

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WordPress Plugin as FTP Manager | MyFTP

If you have your blog WordPress familiar with the extensive use of data transfers via FTP, either to raise plugins, themes or modify / customize features of the system is always to be moving files in this way. Regularly these transfers are made with external applications, whether desktop software or additions in the browser, but thanks to a plugin we can turn our wordpress FTP manager in a basic but functional. This is a plugin MyFTP easy to use and install.

The installation process is as follows:

  • Download the latest version of MyFTP.
  • Unzip the file and upload directory created to plug in / wp-content/plugins.
  • Activate the plugin from the panel.

And to use it just to go to the “Options” and then to “MyFTP” where you can observe all the basic tools of a manager to create / delete folders, edit / browse and upload directories.

An excellent option when we can not make use of a manager with more features, either because they are outside our computer or any other reasons.

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Moving from Blogger to WordPress with Permalinks and Traffic

If you want free blog hosting then Blogger is fine but when you have your own domain, most of the bloggers prefer WordPress platform for their blogs. I have tested this out and it works perfectly, you can move from blogger to WordPress and maintain your post URL or Permalinks (Post Slugs), hence maintaining your Google Search Traffic and Page rank without losing out on any Traffic.

Advantages of Moving from Blogger to WordPress :

  1. Cutting edge and the very best blogging Software. Comparing Blogger and WordPress, WordPress beats Blogger hands down.
  2. Huge Community Which means Thousands of free cool Themes and Templates and Plugins.
  3. Easier blogging, better commenting system, spam fighting etc etc.

How to Move from Blogger to wordpress :

First of all you will need to install WordPress on your domain (you can get it free here) After installation, delete the “Hello world” post and “About Me” page, these are created by default on wordpress installation.

Step1 : Inside your Admin-panel, go to Manage>>Import

Select the source from which you want to import i.e. Blogger

Step 2 : Authorize the WordPress to impost blogger posts.

Step 3 : Grant access to Google to your posts by entering username and password.

Step 4 : Hit the “Import” button against the blog from which you want to import.

Step 5 : After Importing operation is completed Set Authors to “admin’ and hit save.

Changing URL to maintain Permalinks and traffic

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for its pretty easy go to Options > PermalinksChange the selection from Default to Custom

Enter the Following text in the Custom Structure Textbox to


This completes your WordPress configuring part. Now, go to Blogger : Settings>>Publishing and select Custom domain and enter the name of the domain which you have and all the traffic from * will be redirected to new domain without losing your readers and google traffic and all.

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