Free PDF Compressor to Batch Resize Multiple Documents in One Click

PDF compressor becomes a necessary tool when you are dealing with a lot of PDF files. A PDF compressor tool helps to reduce the size of your PDF files while keeping the quality intact. This can be easily done by re adjusting image quality and DPI of the PDF files. This task sounds simple for a single PDF file but what about compressing dozens of PDF files at once? In this article, we will be discussing about a free Batch PDF compressor to ease away your worries.

batch PDF compressor

PDF Reducer is an efficient and free batch PDF compressor tool. With PDF reducer you can compress PDF files with better speed and efficiency. All you need to do is drop your files on PDF Reducer.

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Working With Batch PDF Compressor

PDF Reducer is extremely easy to work with. Before you start compressing PDF files, its better to tune up the settings according to your choice.


PDF Compressor

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In PDF Reducer settings, you have separate tabs with options allowing you to select the compression option. You have the choice to compress with additional features or simple compression removing the features from the original PDF Files.


Pdf image Compressor

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Images are an important aspect in any document file. A high quality image gives you better visibility and understandability of the subject and at the same time contributing to overall file size increase. A poor or highly compressed image can spoil the show.

Keeping that in mind, my suggestion will be to keep medium compression level for the images.

Color Detection

PDF Color Compression

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You can select color detection method for your PDF files. If you are compressing PDF files in bulk with mixed sources i.e from scanner and other sources, select unknown. This tab insures correct colors on compressed output PDF files.

Content Removal

Remove contents from pdf files

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Is the source PDF stuffed too much with additional content? Well, you can easily select and remove the unwanted contents in compressed pdf. This option is particularly useful while compressing a single PDF. If you are sure of elements present in all PDF files, u can also use it in bulk PDF compression.

Output Format

Output Format PDF Compress

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Select the desired output PDF format and compatibility. You can also select fast web view if required. This setting can be applied in general to bulk PDF conversion according to your choice.

In the General Tab, you can select input options like scanning sub folders and input files separately or directly folders.

Using PDF Reducer

PDF Compression Speed

Once done with the settings, you can easily select PDF files or folders and start converting them with ease. Conversion takes some time with the free version of this PDF compressor. In the free version, PDF Reducer uses only 1 CPU Thread for compression. I guess the free version is still pretty handy.

PDF Reducer was tested on Windows 8 64 Bit. It worked smoothly and compressed 21 MB of PDF files to 6 MB approx.

Download: PDF Reducer

Do Share your Favorite PDF Compressor tool with us.

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Nice Post 🙂
Never tried PDF compressing but now will directly use bulk compressing!
Thanks 😉

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Great sharing. I was searching for it.
Thanks for writing in details. 🙂


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