How To Fix Windows 8 Libraries Not Working

Windows 8 has library feature which allows quick access to most needed stuffs. Like, Documents, Music, Videos or Pictures stored in computer can be accessed from a single directory. What if Windows 8 Libraries stop working? Here’s how I fixed it.

Whenever I clicked Browse button, I have say OK to an error – Windows Libraries not working. To be more specific, it said- “ not working“.

pictures.library-ms no longer working

This was the case when I clicked browse for pictures. Same kind of errors kept coming like:

  • Documents.library-Ms is No Longer Working
  • Videos.library-Ms is No Longer Working
  • Music.library-Ms is No Longer Working

I don’t access Libraries to get pictures or music. But that error window which popped up whenever I clicked Browse followed by the Dang sound was irritating. I couldn’t find how this happened but fortunately found a solution to fix it.

Restoring default Windows 8 libraries is easy. Just one click and you will not face those errors anymore and Library folders will also start working.

How to Fix Library-ms is No Longer Working

In the Libraries folder, you will notice that icons of folders have changed to something else. This clearly indicates that Windows 8 Libraries are no more working and corrupted.

windows 8 libary not working

  1. Click on Explorer icon on Taskbar and access Libraries from left sidebar.
  2. Select all of them and Delete.
  3. On left sidebar of explorer window, right click on Libraries folder.
  4. Select “Restore Default Libraries
    restore windows 8 libraries
  5. Double click on library folder and check if it is opening. Repeat the procedure if still not opening.

In first attempt, default icons were restored but I still couldn’t access Windows 8 libraries. So, don’t panic. Delete and restore them again to get it back to working.

Alternative Solution (Not Recommended)

Creating new Library and including the folders you want can also be one of the solution. To do that, Right click >> New >> Library. Double click on New Library and Include folders you want. Even the type of Library can be specified and icons can be changed to suit from Properties.

I guess some 3rd party software had a control over libraries and when I uninstalled it, they were left orphan. This error is in existence since Windows 7 but still the cause behind is unknown.


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    The solution works. The restore default libraries does not always work. My question however is, why does this happen?

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    You are a LEGEND thank you so much!!! NB: if like me you try deleting the not working libraries in the list that are listed on the right and it doesnt work then follow the instructions TO THE LETTER and right click on them ON THE LEFT under where it says Libraries lol

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    Yes, but will it delete all the files I have in my library folders? I do NOT want that to happen.

    • Mario L says:

      No, deleting the libraries does not delete the folders. Your files will be safe. Think of libraries as fancy shortcuts.

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    thank you!!!!

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    Thanks so much! it Worked! Before I found this fix I went to the Microsoft Support desk and they wanted to charge me $99 to correct this problem!

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    Thanks for this solution! My computer just started doing this today, it was already getting on my nerves.

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