Most Creative Android Launcher App Concept I Have Ever Seen

Are you bored of launching apps directly from Android Home Screen? No matter what ever launcher you use, the app launching style remains the same. You can either launch apps from the app menu or by pinning them to the Home Screen. Whatever the case is, you are left with clusters of rectangular app icons.If there are too many apps, probably you have to fiddle around a lot to get the app you need to launch. Well, this experience can be easily changed with App Space.

App Space is a free app that allows you to launch your favorite app from within an environment. Understanding the environment is important. It can be a room filled with various objects that you interact with everyday. You can map your apps with these objects. For instance, you can map calculator app to a calculator lying on the floor.

App Space Features

  • Changes the way you use your phone
  • Launch your favorite apps from beautifully crafted pictures, full of clickable items
  • Make your own associations: assign any app on your phone to any item
  • Launch as many as 27 apps from a single screen
  • Place an App Space on any of your home screens
  • Arrange as many App Space widgets as you like on your home screens
  • Downloadable App Space theme gallery

launch apps in android with style

How App Space Works

Using App Space is simple. All you need to do is select the 4×4 app widget and drag it to any of the unoccupied home screen. At present there are 3 themes, out of which we get only 1 as free. So you will have 1 widget to apply.

android app launching styles

Once you have applied the widget on home screen, you will have the room environment. Now to map your apps, tap on the linking icon present at right bottom corner of the widget. As the image changes to outline sketches. Now tap on these item sketches to add a relevant app to it. One done you can come back to the initial screen and tap the items to check the app association.

As there are many items in the given environment, you can add up almost all necessary apps that you use frequently. There is no more complicated settings that you have to deal with. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a widget and if you long press on it, the delete option will pop up. If you are buying other themes, you can place them side by side on consecutive unoccupied home screens. The app is useful and gives a total different experience of launching apps. I wish there will be more free themes available in future.

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Using App Space [ Video ]

Creativity at its Best! Download: App Space

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