Ways To Curb Facebook Addiction And Reduce Time Wastage

curb facebook addiction

Logout is the hardest Button to Click on Facebook. Someone said me, “Facebook is in my blood!“. I guess that is the sign of worst kind of Facebook addiction. In the middle of a lecture or meeting if your phone vibrates it’s difficult to resist the temptation of the urge to snatch it out and read!

But, addictions come with consequences, and if you have already faced such embarrassing situation and you are all set to put an end to this disastrous behavior called Facebook Addiction. Then, give a reading to the following suggestions to curb Facebook Addiction. You may never know which one can do you the right miracle.

1. Log Out Facebook

reduce facebook addiction

In most of the addicts it is seen that they never log out of their Facebook account so that they can instantly check it. Keep the Facebook logged out when in lectures, office or presentation. It will help built primary resistance to this addiction. No more vibrations!

2. Do not Let Browser Remember FB Credentials

reduce facebook addiction

Let’s consider that you are a super lazy person who does not even want to type in your password and log in, just do not save your username and password this time. Hence, whenever you log in you have to go through the ordeal of typing in your username and password. You will not prefer that at all.

3. Disabling Chat at Times

reduce facebook addiction

For people, who use it to chat a lot, keep your chat disabled most of the time. Only enable it once few hours have elapsed. Starting with time gap of two hours and then increasing it may help. This way your friend’s chat text will not make you itch to see them.

4. Care What You Share

reduce facebook addiction

In some cases it is observed that Facebook is a medium where people (especially girls) like to share every detail of their life, from which ice-cream topping they are having to which TV channel the neighbors are watching right now! Then try to ask a friend if what you want to update or post is worth writing if the world was going to come to an end. This will give you sense of priority, and eventually you will post only vital things and open Facebook less. Make sure there are somethings you should not dare outside Facebook.

5. Close Group Friendship

reduce facebook addiction

One peculiar case is when a person is on Facebook just to be connected only to a few selected people all the time. It is advisable for them that they take their conversation outside Facebook. It can be any other chat client that is restricted and simple like Gtalk. Then you would not be tempted to look at what other friends are posting.

6. Productive Alternatives

reduce facebook addiction

Whatever you do, you will need replacement for the addiction. If you love music start organizing your music collection, cataloging them or as I feel best make file like Period Mix or Retro mix, etc.  This will engulf you for a long time. You can try Free DJ Mixing Software for that!

If you happen to be good at editing songs then it is cool. Take upon yourself to be the DJ in a Saturday night party in a friend’s house and do some mixing. You will not need Facebook to fill in your time. And for that, you can take help of Professional DJ Software.

A lot many people now a days have good Photoshop skills. Put that to use to make sensational Facebook cover page. This will take your attention off it for a while when you sit do design. Check out PSD Template for Facebook cover.

7. Reading is a Good Habit

reduce facebook addiction

If you are blessed with the gift to tolerate bookish garbage, then open an E-book instead of Facebook. You may download FanFiction stories if you like or Manga Comics  and read them on Digital Book Reader for Windows.

8. Come On! Let the Past Go Away

reduce facebook addiction

Yet there are some who check Facebook to keep an eye on their present or previous partners. Now this is ridiculous! Still, it is recommended, Let’s not try to keep looking at the past and not try to find a fault in the present if you seriously want to live with them.

9. Too Much Caring is Not Good

reduce facebook addiction

Parents, at times are seen glued to the Facebook to check what their children are doing. I would recommend to parents that if you are so concerned about what kids are doing then maybe you should talk to us to know that. If they are not telling and doing then just understand kids cannot be open with you, they cannot trust you. May be you are over caring, strict or bossy!

10. Deactivate FB for Some Days

reduce facebook addiction

In rare of the rare case, you still love Facebook too much, go and Deactivate your account. Do this when you are at work or have something at hand, even if it is a movie you are watching. Post a message to all that you are frustrated with Facebook and taking a break so not to disturb you. If you start doing this, after initial ridicule by friends all will accept it. So you will not get notifications also that something is going on in Facebook.

That’s all I can suggest you to help keep you out of the evil behavior called Facebook addiction. Nonetheless, it should always be kept in mind, if you really want to get over this addiction be sure you want to do it. If you are not aware that you are addicted and not conscious enough that you got to leave it, not even angles or witches can make you do it.

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Shyam - September 5, 2012

going to try “logout” feature in facebook

Sourojit Nandi - September 5, 2012

Disabling Facebook for a week really helped me to get out of the addiction.

Rosalinda - September 19, 2012

In point number (8) line (2) you have provided link of application that spies on girlfriends!! It is shameful to see that a reputed site like yours advertize such cheap apps, every wooly head knows how to spy, it is not expected from this site that you will openly suggest use of such applications. Seems that you do not have any ethics regarding privacy especially for women! Prey, what other apps you know to see girls??
So please if you may pay heed to my request, remove the link of that apps and please do not refer to such apps in future and spoil young men.

    Rohit Langde - September 19, 2012

    I understand what you want to point out. In general thought they are true. Again as you said ” every wooly head knows how to spy”, but every woolly head doesn’t know that they are being spied.
    Apart from being offended, girls can also be aware that there exists apps like those and how to find then. It is just our responsibility to inform about anything, good or bad falling under the category “technology”. Ehical or unethical is the readers discretion.
    Since we value for our reader opinion, the link will be removed.

      Rosalinda - September 23, 2012

      Thank you very much, I deeply appreciate your gesture. And about letting other people know of the possible traps and tricks of technology is a good thought, but the way you serve the food in the plate makes a hell lot of difference. If you think only letting people know the technical aspect is your concern then you need moderation yourself, it falls in your judiciary that any technology is properly portrayed not to mention which technology should be prescribed.

    Rahul - September 19, 2012

    Hi, as you say spoil young men!!!! What about spoilt Young women. What when women spy on husband/ byfrnd? What when girls use these apps, No ethics?
    Why when men flirt with women its crime and wife is ethical in spying.
    Why men are unethical while spying when a girl is really lying or ditching??
    So the line between ethical and unethical is very thin. Seems you have serious issues. Well, every one has a personal perspective, and do not take it in wrong sense.


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