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Why I Chose Weebly To Build My First Website

On a pale Sunday morning, I cracked my knuckles, uneasy with the stress that building a website was giving me. Scripting had never been my forte, so it definitely put me out of the league of cryptic coders and ‘pro-websites’. But I was bent on having a personalized tag that would read ‘All copyrights reserved’, with that symbol which makes all the data my sole property. © Continue reading


OptinMonster VS ConvertPlug VS SumoMe

Today, when there is a tough competition between businesses over-powering the other, it has become important for business owners to maintain relations with loyal customers and subscribers. Irrespective of the industry the business belongs too, Building an email list has always worked wonders.

Although people look up to digital marketing and SEO as a source of gaining traffic, the continuous updating of Google algorithms has resulted in a loss in loads of traffic to these websites. Email Marketing could be a great source to hold on to the traffic. This is why we need to build effective email lists. Continue reading


Setup Your Online Store in 26 Seconds with Shopify, No Kidding

Internet is the fastest and cheapest way to reach out to customers for your product, people go online to find anything they want to find a way to buy it, for example if you want a rice cooker you may read some rice cooker reviews to find the perfect for you and purchase it. Recetly, my friend from Scarlet SEO referred me to online store setting up solution called Shopify. And I am really impressed that I was able to setup and everything was up and running in seconds, 26 to be precise.  Continue reading


Am I Really Addicted To My Gadgets And Software?

game addiction

I currently use an iPad, iPod Touch (for music), BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, one palmtop, a mini laptop and two highly sophisticated Laptops; not to talk of the highly powerful desktop I have in my study, and some of them I use them for work, but others is just for distracting, gaming and even online gambling since I found out I could Get £40 from Comparethebets with their exclusive bonus code so that hooked me. What kind of life is that? Don’t I sound crazy to you? Who in his right senses would know the right thing to do and still fail to do it? Only a crazy person of course; only that I am crazy with style and class; I AM ADDICTED!!! Oh my, Unthinkable! Continue reading


Free Online Mind Mapping Services to Give Killer Ideas a Perfect Start

With an idea in mind to be furnished into a product or an event, it has to be concise and clear at all levels. Mind Maps can help you give a visual representation of what’s cooking inside brain. Online Mind Mapping is always a powerful option to have at hand in such case. Why? To maintain completeness and productivity in any task, we need to make a proper plan. Once you have the structure of the complete task, you can easily perform the sub level tasks with a greater focus. In a structured task you can even divide work load with team members or other people. So, everything comes down to the basic level of planning. Continue reading