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Online Brain Games to Improve Concentration, Memory and Intelligence

Whatever we observe is consciously or otherwise stored in our memory. But every storage cell has a limit. How does the idea of improving your memory seem, that too through games. The idea is indeed intriguing.

There have been many inventions to harness the productivity of our brains like mnemonics but that sounds like a little too much of effort. But the idea of increasing your recalling power in the process of gaming does catch your attention, I recently read a gaming monitor buying guide and it is excellent for those who want to get a gaming monitor but don’t know which one to get Continue reading


Add Speech Bubble to Photos Online as Shown in Comics

speech bubble image

Editing photos is a very common thing that we all do. While editing any pic, we make it sure they look from all aspects. But at times while editing photo of friends the thought is totally different, we want to make those appear funny. There are many ways to make photos appear funny. One of the best option is to add a speech bubble to a friend in photo and manipulate the scenario according to you.

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Web Resources to Solve Mathematics Problem Online for Free

Mathematics has always been a subject giving me a message: ‘My way or the highway’. Being not much of a genius with numbers, I would score meagerly and crawl across the line that would deem me ‘Passed’. But then it was essential to score well because the rustic norm of our education system says we need to have to good marks to have a future. Though that is not true, for those of you can challenge it. Continue reading


Prezi is an Awesome Slideshow Maker or Call it a Visual Storyteller

Before a law becomes an Act, a bill is passed in the Parliament similarly before an idea becomes a concept it has to be approved. For approval, one needs to present the idea in a manner that would enhance its value.

Prezi is a presentation tool that helps you organize and share your ideas in an incredible fashion. It begins with quick and easy signup (either create an account or another alternative is Facebook) and instantly takes you to the creators cubicle, where myriad templates await to simply mesmerize you. Some are 3D even!! You can change the themes of the templates using already existing prototypes or amend the themes too. Continue reading