Install Metro Apps Outside App Store on Windows 8 via Powershell (How To)

Microsoft said that it would be possible to install metro apps only from App Store. For Developers however, there is way to deploy Metro apps on Windows 8 outside App Store. It is called sideloading which lets you install app package.

Metro apps, when you download from some source (not Windows 8 App Store) will contain some files and folders. These includes- Certificate, App Package, Dependencies (if any), etc.

Installation Procedure (Easy)

Extract all the files of app into one folder. You will notice, there is a file called Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 which is tagged as Windows Powershell Script.

  1. Right click on this and click “Run with Powershell“.
  2. It will prompt you to run Powershell as Administrator which has to be accepted.
  3. It checks whether you have valid developer license. To get Developer license, you will need to login using Live ID.
  1. Enter “Y” in powershell on subsequent questioning about Security and all.
  2. Soon, app will be installed succesfully and you will be able to see it on Homescreen.

PowerShell App Installation Progress

Install Metro App via PowerShell Commandline

  1. Go to Homescreen and start typing “Powershell”, Windows Powershell will appear. Right click on it and Run as Administrator.
  2. Enter command add-appxpackage C:\app1.appx
  3. To get the app path, Press shift and right click on the file with extension .appx
  4. This path can be pasted in Powershell by right clicking on title bar of Powershell then Edit >> Paste.
  5. Press Enter to start installation.

Install metro app Powershell Command Windows 8

Uninstall Metro App from Powershell

  1. You need to know the name of App package before uninstalling it.
  2. Enter Command Remove-AppxPackage FullPackageName
  3. To get the name of installed App Package, enter command – Get-AppxPackage
    This command lists all the apps installed on computer, look out for name in front of FullPackageName.

uninstall metro-app powershell Windows 8

Windows 8 Sideloading

This methodology is made for developers to test application. However, for general user like you and me, it will be useful to install certain app which couldn’t make it to App Store. Following could be situations:

  1. App doesn’t confirm to Terms and Policies of Microsoft so excluded.
  2. App is paid in stores while you want to use Cracked version.
  3. When no internet connection available.
  4. Just curious.

P.S. Dear Microsoft, Apologies for using the word “Metro” Apps. I understand that you already declared to call them “Modern” Apps but myself and readers of this blog are now more used to “Metro”. Never Mind.

Please comment for any problem with the procedure or any confusion.


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  1. JackLloyd. says:

    Metro sounds so much better than Modern

  2. Grzegorz Prokop says:

    Where/how You get .appx file for Skype?

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Skype is now available in App store, so get that directly.
      I just chose Skype as an example to show demo in article.
      If you still want .APPX file, you can get it easily by Googling but that version is buggy. Stable one is in App store.

  3. DHARMANG says:

    Metro App can be downloaded with IDM with help of fiddler….

  4. Vikas says:

    how come from IDM

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