How to Create Photo Slideshow with Music in Windows

We always capture special moments whenever we are with friends or family. Now, to make them unique and presentable we can create Photo Slideshow with music. The conventional method to achieve this task is to use free Windows Movie Maker. With this Windows application you can add your photos and music to create a slideshow. The only thing lacking in this software is the freedom of customization.

You cannot add pictures from online sources like Instagram. Well, its necessary at times when you are directly uploading photos from your mobile device to instagram. So, now lets see how to create photo Slideshow with music and online photo integration.

Create Photo Slideshow with Music

First of all, you need to download a small free application named 4K Slideshow Maker. Once you have downloaded it, directly head to the app home screen.

Create Photo Slideshow with music

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As you can see, the interface is pretty simple. All you need to do is add your photos and create Photo slideshow with music. We will be taking a detailed look on how to customize your slideshow and give it an extra edge.

Working with 4K Slideshow Maker

In this section I will be covering the initial step from adding images till final step to Create Photo slideshow with music.

Adding Photos to 4K Slideshow Maker

Create Photo Slideshow with music

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You can add photos from local storage in 2 ways. One is to use the “Add photos” option and another is to drag and drop selected photos into application Window. It is specifically useful if you are already having your photo folder open in front of you.

Adding Photos From Instagram

create photo slideshow with music

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To add instagram photos, you will need Instagram user name. It is the user name of the person whose shared photos you want to use in your slide show. Once the photos appear, left click on them to select. Selected photos will be represented by a tick mark. Click on Add Photos to add the selected photos.

create photo slideshow with music

Now that you are ready with the photos. You can review photos and make basic adjustments to each of them or even remove them.

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To add music to your slideshow, click on change Music. Select a music file of your choice. Try to select a long music if you have lots of photos in slideshow.

 Customize Photo Transitions & Slideshow Quality

create photo slideshow with music

To customize and create photo slideshow with music, go to Settings. You can select photo duration and transition effect duration. If you want you can also restrict slideshow duration to your music duration. Additionally you can also use Ken Burns effect and Face Detection in your Slideshow.

create photo slideshow with music

There are a lot of video formats you can select from. The Output video format selection totally depends on your usage area. So If you wish to burn the slideshow on a DVD, go with Windows Standard format i.e. AVI.

Once the format is selected, you can set the aspect ration and video quality. The final output Video resolution is shown just below the quality settings. Select the file output destination on your local drive.

Photo Slideshow Preview

create photo slideshow with music

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You can now have a quick preview of the final video. Now you can proceed towards the final step i.e. Create Photo Slideshow with Music. Click on the Make Slideshow button. You will again get the option to set video quality and save location. By default the settings will the the one that you have already configured in previous step.

Final Slideshow Rendering

create photo slideshow with music

Rendering of the slideshow takes some time. The time taken depends totally on the selected quality of video and additional effects. To process 31 photos with full quality and effects it took 14 Minutes on Core i7 3630.

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The sample Photo Slideshow below is the one that I have created while writing this tutorial. Go through it to check the quality and overall output.

Sample Photo Slideshow

Not very clear yet? Well, then you can watch the Video tutorial below. It will take you through all steps to create photo slideshow with music.

Create Photo Slideshow with Music [ Video ]

Do you have a better Software to Create Photo Slideshow with music? Do Share with us via Comments.

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Vijesh - May 6, 2013

I always use Windows movie maker to create videos using images, now I need to give a try 4K Slideshow Maker. Thanks for the share Sourojit…

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nice article. thanks for sharing

shiva - June 14, 2013

it is really good application for photo viwers


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