Add Speech Bubble to Photos Online as Shown in Comics

Editing photos is a very common thing that we all do. While editing any pic, we make it sure they look from all aspects. But at times while editing photo of friends the thought is totally different, we want to make those appear funny. There are many ways to make photos appear funny. One of the best option is to add a speech bubble to a friend in photo and manipulate the scenario according to you.

In this article, we will see few ways with which you can add speech bubbles to photos and give the sense of photos an entire new dimension.

How to Add Speech Bubble to Photos

The best thing about doing this task is that there is no need to install any software on your computer. All the methods below are free to use online web services. So, let’s see what are that and what you can do with them.


add speech bubble to photo

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With Phrase.It you have option to select the source of your image. Personally, I think only the Facebook and upload from device will be useful. So, I decided to go with the Facebook import. It took a while for Phase.It to import all my images from Facebook to its own gallery. Then all you need is to select a photo.

photo effect speech bubble

When you select Facebook import, you will need to allow access to Phase It from Facebook. If you do not want Phase It to publish on your wall, just turn the visibility to Only Me on the permission page.

Adding Speech Bubble

Add bubble speech to photo

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Adding bubbles is easy. There are 5 different bubble styles to select from. Just drag the bubble to desired position and related options will appear on screen. You can resize, rotate and change font of text in bubble. Additionally, you can add effects to your photo.

Online Add speech bubble to photo

Once done you can proceed with the image. You will receive few handy options other than just saving the image to local disk. You can share edited images directly with Facebook, Twitter and email. It also sends download link to your email address registered with Facebook.

Visit Site: Phrase.It

2) SuperLame

I liked Phrase It but it’s very simple. You do not have much options with bubble and other effects. To fill that, we have SuperLame. Before going any further, I would like to inform you that unlike Phrase It, SuperLame does not provide you with Facebook photo import and Photo effect feature it also leaves a watermark at bottom corner of the produced image.

In spite of these drawbacks, SuperLame has something very unique of its own. You can extend the fun to a higher level with the provided sound effects.

Cartoon like sound Effect in photo

Bubble options are almost same. The additional option is to customize bubble tail, you can bend the tail as you like. You can save the Photo on local drive and email it to yourself or a friend.

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Visit Site: SuperLame

3) LunaPic

LunaPic is a popular online photo editing service. If you are not much experienced with advance photo editing then its better to use the above services. Adding Speech bubbles in not the primary function of LunaPic but just a small one. So, you need to search a bit to get it.

Upload the desired photo first. You can edit and add effects if you are already familiar with LunaPic. Now follow the steps below.

Add speech bubbles lunapic

  • Go to Draw -> Speech Bubbles.

LunaPic speech bubbles

  • Select the desired bubble.
  • Drag the bubble to desired location.
  • You have option to set transparency and border of the bubble. Remember to click on Apply, whenever you see the option.
  • Now you have to enter text in the bubble. It can be done from text option present at the left side. Click on Apply.
  • Save the produced image.

add speech bubble on photo online free

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You can save the image in many formats. There is also an option to share it on Facebook, Tweeter, Picasa etc. Produced speech bubbles are very simple, unless you can add various effects to it.

Visit Site: LunaPic

4) Speechable

Speechable is mostly like The difference is, you can control the bubble tail just like SuperLame allowed to. You can upload the image from your computer or any link but direct Facebook photo import is not possible.

Speechable Speech bubble in photo

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Unique thing about this service is that you can register and have a free account. This helps you to keep track of all photos in which you are adding bubbles. When you save the image, a window opens with the option to like it on Facebook and tweet it, you can also track the views on your image. Right Click on the image to save it.

Visit Site: Speechable

5) Bubblesnap

The main purpose of Bubblesnap is basically to create a animated speech bubble photo and send it to friends via email. I was not satisfied with the way things were done here. Options are less and you cannot download the produced image directly.

animated speech bubble online

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So, only use this service when you want your friends to have a popping speech bubble.

Visit Site: Bubblesnap

6) Photoonica

Photonica is a simple service that allows you to place speech bubbles. It does the same task as others with an addition of loading photos from Facebook. I was excited about this but it didn’t work for me, even after giving all Facebook permissions.

add colored speech bubble in photo

You can share your edited photos directly to Facebook and other social networking sites. There was no option to download the image to local disk though it can always be saved with Right Click. With Photoonica, you will be able to give colors to speech bubbles and make them distinct.

Visit Site: Photoonica

Conclusion and SuperLame are my top favorite services in this list. has better application when you are in hurry or need to access photos from your Facebook account directly and share them back. SuperLame lets you create more colorful photos using the sound effects, that’s an extra edge to the photo and the story you are trying to convey.

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These are a few working web services that I found to add speech bubble to photos. They are totally free with no irritating ads popping up, at least not as of now. If I missed any web service that provides better functionality and interface, please let me know.

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Hari krishna - March 12, 2013

speech bubble to photos is funny idea to make fun with friends. i’ll do with my friends photos, some time this photos becomes memorable. thanx alot for this post

Vivek Bandebuche - March 13, 2013

wow….nice alternatives for SNAGIT from techsmith. Final images would be good looking than snagit images. Thanks for share rohit.

Rajat Mishra - March 13, 2013

I tried to use the Get images from Facebook option from Photoonica and it works fine.
I’m using Win 8 on chrome.

It did not work the first time so I searched for Photoonica on FB and liked their page and then tried to get images and it worked fine.
I am not sure if there really is any connection between liking the page and using get images from Photoonica because for Photoonica I had already given it permission at the time of registration, but wasn’t successful.

chinmoy - March 14, 2013

The warrior never misses the katana! The katana misses the warrior…

    Sourojit Nandi - March 14, 2013


Nihar - March 19, 2013

Great share. Always have checked this on photos but never tried to see how it is done…

Thanks for sharing this tip


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