Customize Windows 8 Start Screen and Position it Above Desktop

Windows 8 Start Screen has been a disappointing factor to many users. Well, Start Screen is an integrated part of Windows 8 and there is no need to run away from it. Are you uncomfortable with Start Screen, just because you need to hop on to it every time you need to run modern applications? In that case there are a few ways solve this inconvenience. So, lets Customize Windows 8 Start Screen.

First of all, to minimize the use of Windows 8 Start Screen you can create modern app shortcuts any where within Windows 8. But it might not eradicate the problem completely. Start Screen will still appear from time to time hiding your desktop. The best thing to do in this situation is to customize Windows 8 Start Screen and make it appear on your desktop and not like a separate entity.

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We can easily achieve this by changing Start Screen width, height and position. It doesn’t sound that easy when done manually but don’t worry, we will be using third party software to perform this task.

Customize Windows 8 Start Screen Size & Position

Immersive Taille is a freeware portable app to customize Windows 8 Start Screen. It provides few predefined locations to directly start with.

customize windows 8 start screen position

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Once you download this software, first go to the settings tab. By default Immersive Taille is not in English language, so change it to desired language. If you want the effects to be permanent, choose Immersive Taille to start with Windows. Automatic Shutdown can be selected, if you wish. The next tab to visit is Basic, as I said earlier you can select from top, bottom, left and right positions.

Windows 8 start screen with taskbar

You can also Customize Windows 8 Start Screen and have it with the taskbar. To do this just select the last option i.e Full Screen + Taskbar.

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Customize Windows 8 Start to appear on User Defined Position

You won’t have much fun using the predefined positions. So, I will recommend you to use your custom positions to enhance the visual experience. To achieve custom positions switch to Advanced Tab.

Customize Windows 8 start screen size and position

Position X and Y are the distance of Start Screen from the right and top. Height should be selected carefully else Tile visibility on Start Screen can be a problem. So with the values on the above image, my Start Screen appears as shown below.

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Custom Windows 8  Start Screen Position

After making the changes, make sure that you save them. Immersive Taille has an awesome interface and works well. It was tested on Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. So now Start Screen acts as a component of the desktop.

Download: Immersive Taille

Which Application are you using to Customize Windows 8 Start Screen?

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Raja - March 18, 2013

Windows 8 is a non-completable task. Whatever we do there is a lot more to explore! Thanks for a customization tip!


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