Simple Tips to Increase Adsense Income

tips to incease adsense income

Few days before I wrote that Adsense is losing popularity and that because of it’s lowering income. Many bloggers simply hate adsense, I too was fed-up with low income but I tried experimenting new things with adsense units to improve blog income. Here, I would like to share those simple tricks and tips for improving Adsense revenue.
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Send 1GB Files using Email or IM | Pando

Pando is a free, cross-platform program that lets you transfer files up to 1GB. Now, you can share heavy files up to 1 GB using Email or Instant messenger client. To use this service, both, the sender and the recipient have to download Pando.

There is no sign-up, no registration, no fee to use this service. You open this program, drag your file into pando open window and click Send. It asks you for Email address of recipient and off you go. The recipient gets a tiny attachment in their mailbox; click on it to launch Pando program, which begins file downloading. It’s servers are fast, the whole thing is anonymous and secure.

For People : It supports all popular Email service providers. Supported Email & IM clients are Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, Skype, Outlook, Yahoo Messenger and Outlook. The free version maxes out at 1GB files; the upgrade costs $5 a month.

For Bloggers/Publishers :  You can post media on all popular web hosts such as Blogger, WordPress and RSS. Moreover, you can share files on Myspace, Facebook and PodCast. You can Stream full-screen HD video from your site, accelerate your downloadable media. It may reduce your Bandwidth bills upto 90%.


Google Adsense is losing popularity

Google Adsense was supposed to be the God of PPC program, it became popular like hell and dominated the pay per click advertising for many years. But, in today’s date, blogger is exposed to so many PPC advertising programs with attractive CPM and less restrictions. Google should now realize that they are not alone in this race.

After being successful, they treat their publishers like anything. Moreover they have so many restrictions on Placement of ads, type of content,etc,etc.

How they enjoy disabling publisher account?

Before placing and Adsense unit, blogger/publisher has to think twice because their is no guarantee that you will survive, you can get banned at anytime. If you get increased/invalid click, you get banned, putting ad below post title may lead to disablement. There are many chances of getting disablement. After getting banned, there is no use of appealing or no chance of getting your money back.

I’m feared that Google will ban me for writing such a post. [:)]

Bloggers are now moving towards other competitive PPC programs like Adbrite, Widgetbucks and Bidvertiser which pays more than this and performing well on the network. That’s why Google has lowered their PIN sending amount from $50 to $10. It means that Google is making good efforts to be in the race and also it has to face the competition of newly emerged Microsoft + Yahoo. Hope that, their customer relations will be better than before.

At last, I would like to say that “Google is Google.” I still have trust on Google because this is the only company which paid me in my six month’s blogging journey. I believe in Google and they will surely make up for the upcoming race.

So guys, what do you think, Are you also the publisher of Adsense? Or got banned once or twice like me, make your comments here.


Tricks to drive traffic to your blog/site

Every blogger wants more and more traffic towards his blog. He’s never contented with what he have, I’m also one of them. So, to increase traffic to your blog, I’m giving some tricks for blog exposure.

Tagging and keywords

This is the first step to increase traffic towards your blog. make sure that you have enough relevant keywords in your blog post so that people may find you on search engines. Tagging is also similar method which involves creating keywords that your articles will be read under. You may use sites like Technorati to do this.

Pinging on post updates

You should submit your RSS feeds to Yahoo and Google search engines so that site will be indexed and notified when the posting is done. Ping sites help to increase blog exposure. Whenever you add a post to your blog you should ping it so that a ping site like Ping-O-Matic will be able to recognize it as updated.

Link Trading

This can free or paid. You may deal with some another blogger to have link exchanging. Also, their are some sites which provides widgets for site link exchange. You may use Entrecard or Blogrush for improving traffic. This helps to increase blog exposure because the blog you link to will recognize you and promote your blog as a result.


Advertising lets the user know about your site and attract him towards it. So, if you can pay some bucks for advertising, you may sign-up for Advertising networks such as Adwords, Adbrite and Bidvertiser. There are many more present but here I’ve suggested some popular and cheap programs.


I’ve already mentioned about backlinks and how to get them easily. Backlinks denotes your site’s popularity on web-world, its direct effect is that your Alexa ranking improves gradually. So, High ranking websites get High-traffic rate.

I hope the tips mentioned above will surely help you in driving traffic towards your blog.

Happy Blogging [:)]


Ways of Getting Backlinks for free

For Bloggers, back-links plays a vital role for their traffic and page rankings. For those who don’t know about backlinks, let me tell you- Backlinks are the links directed towards your blog/site. They are also knows as Inbound links (IBL’s). The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. While backlinks give you a better ranking from Search Engines, another reason to achieve quality backlinks is to entice visitors to come to your website.

Using following ways, you can get backlinks to your website for free :

1. Unique content

I’ve already mentioned how helpful your content could be if it’s unique. Write quality posts based on your blog topic. If your site have subpages, don’t forget to give a backlink to your homepage. This would really help you.

2. Publicize your RSS feeds

Submit your Blog RSS feed to blogging directories, blog search engines. Some directories require their backlink on your blog but some of will provide it for free.

3. You comment I follow

Don’t avoid readers’ comments, always try to follow them up with a reply. Also, some blogs use this policy so, Voice your opinion on these blogs.

4. Participate in active forums

Find your kind of forums- follow the topics posted by fellow members and you can use your site url as your signature to get free backlink. Some examples of active forums are Blogcrowds and Think-Digit.

5. Build Contacts

Build good relationships with fellow bloggers of your niche and whenever you feel that you wrote a good post, message them with your post link.

Recently, I saw a new division on my WordPress dashboard named as “Incoming Links” and it help me getting a fair amount of traffic so, I found this topic important for you guys and posted as many ways to get backlinks. If you have some more tricks, do share it with us from the comment form below.

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Online Video Editor | GorillaSpot

I’ve come up again with this online application called as GorillaSpot which is a cool Video editor available online. The two important things about this application which caught my eyes are:

1) To edit videos online in a way quite simple. You do not need advanced knowledge to include sound effects, transitions, music and video tracks.
2) Allows fans to create movie trailers and video creation contests that will appear on the front page of the site.

GorillaSpot is an application with which you can mix your videos making personalized version. Today I present the possibility of creating a trailer for the forthcoming film by Tim Burton Sweeney Todd in the possibilities of using the tool in question.
Although it is not yet free so you can mix your home videos, you can receive email between for the past challenges available.