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3: How to Create Blog – Beginner’s Blogging Guide

I think many of you will choose Blogger.com as a platform and we will go further with it. So, we start from step 1- Go to Blogger.com which is obvious and click on Create Blog.  The next step is create a Google Account. As we saw in the previous post, Blogger is owned by Google. If you have an account at any of the services of this company (Gmail, Picasa, Google Docs, etc.), You already have a Google Account. If so, enter your credentials and move on.
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2: Choosing Blog Platform – Beginner’s Blogging Guide

Choosing Platform for blogging like selecting a notebook or Diary. You can write in both cases but they do differ slightly in features. As I said in Beginner’s Blogging guide – 1, I am going to consider whether Blogger or WordPress.com? It all depends upon your requirements, Choose which system you feel most comfortable and what fits your needs or objectives. Well, I will make comparison easier for you by enlisting its features.
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1: What is a Blog? – Beginner’s Blogging Guide

Many of you may be interested in writing your own blog. Blogging has gained more popularity (especially in India) since when celebrities started creating own blogs. Let it be any reason behind it but many of readers asked me to guide on starting a new blog and so, for all beginners willing to join blogosphere, I am writing a series of tutorial “Blogging guide for Beginners“.
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Customizing 404 : Not Found Error Page

404 Error pages which means the content is not found. This generally doesn’t happens but Unfortunately, if someone reach it- A blogger may lose one valuable visitor. So, Webmasters should always be ready to handle such situation by customizing it in own way to reach your visitor the correct place or find him some alternative.

You could say that there are two trends on these pages: one, trim or fun, and another that points to usability rather than aesthetics. Although this last aspect is perhaps the most we have to take into account, a balance between aesthetics and ease of use can enrich the user experience when visiting our site.
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10 most wanted Blogger tricks

I have posted many essential tricks and hacks less or more essential for good functionality and aesthetic blogging experience. Now, I am writing about popular or most wanted tips and tricks for blogger or blogspot blogs.

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5 steps to Unlock Flagged Blogger Blog Yourself

The number of Blogspot/ Blogger blogs are increasing day by day or you can say hour by hour. Out of these many of them are intentionally created for spamming but what to do when your blog has been locked for no reason; I mean if your blog doesn’t violate Terms and services of Blogger and still you face this situation. Continue reading