Install Read / Write Indian Language Fonts on Android

Android Phones released these days in India generally comes with atleast Hindi Font support but again it depends upon Manufacturer; Google doesn’t provide it. And after Flashing Custom ROMs, you even lose that so, here is a way to install Indic fonts / Indian Regional Languages on Android.

It all depends on Font and you just need proper Font which supports these languages whether unicode or whatever. You need following things to proceed:

  1. Rooted Android Device
  2. ES File Explorer (Free download from Android Market)
  3. DroidSansFallback.ttf Indic TrueType Font

Root access is necessary as we are installing Font in System Root Directory. If you haven’t rooted, You should search google “Root <device name>” or use popular one click rooting tools like Z4Root, Super One click root, etc.

Regional Language Fonts Adroid

Font Supports most popular Languages of India:

  • Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit (Devnagri Script)
  • Nepali
  • Bengali / Bangla
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Punjabi / Gurmukhi

Devnagri Font Website AndroidRegional Language Font Android Talk

How to install regional Fonts on Android

  1. Download the Font and Save it in SD Card
  2. Open ES File Explorer – In settings, Enable Root Explorer and Mount System as RW
  3. Copy the file from SD Card root and Paste it to /System/Fonts (Overwrite if necessary)
  4. Reboot
  5. Test if Fonts are rendering properly by sending an SMS from SMS440 or open some website in regional language.

Font is not restricted to just SMS Messages but also applicable everywhere on System. Like you can browse websites from browser, read Emails, etc and there will be no more Boxes or Question Marks symbol.

Note: There is a problem with rendering of joint alphabets in some languages but they still it is readable. Font link will be updated if I find some other good font with proper rendering and appearance.

Install Regional Language Keyboard and Write Multilingual

After installing the fonts, you may implement it even to write in various languages. For that, you need proper keyboard.

I found some language Keyboards which I am listing here.

Bengali Writing Keyboard

  1. Write Hindi Keyboard for Android (Marathi Sanskrit Nepali Devanagari Font Keyboard) – Download
  2. Write Kannada Keyboard for Android – Download
  3. Write Bangla keyboard for Android – Download
  4. Write Punjabi Keyboard for Android – Download
  5. Write Telugu Keyboard for Android – Download
  6. Write Malayalam Keyboard for Android – Download
  7. Urdu / Arabic Keyboard for Android – Download
  8. Gujarati Keyboard for Android – Download

All above fonts require Font already installed on Phone else they will type in English only.

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P.S. I could find only few Language Keyboard layout, if you find or have developed one for your language, please comment and let us know so that we will include in post and all will be benefited.


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  1. gursaab says:

    hi,, I have HTC hd2 with miui stable rom ,,I checked my root status and m rooted, then I download the fonts from ur link and tried to copy in system/fonts but got a error. exception found, ,,permission denied …what should I do plz help

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Which File Manager did you use to do this copying operation? Please note that you have to mount your system as R/W before you can proceed. In some case there may be existing same file in same directory so, overwriting has to be done.

      • MOHSIN says:


      • Jagjot Singh says:

        How to mount my system as R/W….
        Using es explorer
        Phone micromax canvas hd

  2. gursaab says:

    success, ,,copied, overwrite. fonts but still seeing boxes instead of Punjabi fonts on web browser 🙁

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Please confirm if other fonts like Hindi are rendering properly. If none of the language fonts are showing up then you may have to repeat procedure.

    • Harsimran says:

      While I know it is a long pending question and would have been resolved now, still answering as it might help other.

      After copying and pasting the font, ensure that you grant read permission for others on the font. Long press the font after pasting and get into the properties, change access control and grant read access to everyone. Reboot and it should be done.

  3. gursaab says:

    hi,,,,I ve downloaded fonts from ur link and copies with es file manager and overwrites successfully ,,still no indian language fonts are rendering properly …I repeated the procedure 2,3 times but results are same, ,,should I try some other fonts ? from where I can download?

    • Rohit Langde says:

      The DroidSansFallback.ttf Font I gave has maximum language support which other fonts lacked infact this can be said to be complete. I am clueless on why it didn’t turn out to be working for you.
      I don’t think it’s a ROM problem because even I am on MIUI and the screenshots above were taken on same time.

  4. gursaab says:

    which rom u use ,currently m using miui 2.3.4 stable, I ll change which u suggest but I want these font on my phone, ,

    • Rohit Langde says:

      The Screenshots above refers to when I was MIUI 1.9.09 Stable 2.3.4 but then upgraded to 1.9.16 Beta for Galaxy S even where it worked fine. Now, I am on HawKish Premium 4 RC2 even where the fonts are rendering properly.
      Only difference between both of us following procedure is I used Root Explorer which I think won’t make difference as such because even you over written the older file.

      • saumil parmar says:

        Really thanks Rohit..I have rooted Galaxy ace to cynogen 7.2 so i lost my guj.fonts now after ur updates ,it works 4 me…Really thanx 4 ur help.. 🙂

  5. gursaab says:

    hey buddy, ,fonts r working but only on opera mini I can read and copy easily , but they r not working on internet browser ,,email, ,Facebook, nimbuzz and all. is there anything remains, ,secondly I m not able to download gurmukhi keyboard coz m using custom rom on HTC hd2 and market do not recognize my device is there any link from where i can download apk file…..

  6. Faisal says:

    I cant read malayalam properly..Is there any update for the malayalam fonts in it…?


  7. PSG says:

    Working perfectly for my samsung i9000…

  8. Raj Domadiya says:

    Can u tell me that how can i install gujarati fonts in browser …so that i can view gujarati blogs and news paper also in my galaxy pop….

  9. Maddy says:

    Can u please tell me Which font i need to copy for gurmukhi keyboard.

  10. dr.s.v.sawant says:

    on my galaxy y duos gt s6102 android is not possible to set as root enable and mount as rw with es file explorer.what to do to install devanagari already has droidindia.ttf and droidSansFallback.ttf (4.7mb).what todo next.

  11. Rishi Khanna says:

    Rohit you had a query about keyboard formats
    I think thePARKATCHAT (??????) format which is nothing but a variation of inscript format is going to be the future of the hindi keyboard
    Just like people say QWERTY they will say PARKATCHAT (??????)
    Apple, HTC are the 2 companies already giving this as native to the device. I know samsung is following soon. And in the android marketplace many of the free keypads are indeed PARKATCHAT (??????)such as multiling, go keyboard etc

  12. pradip bhatere says:

    I want read write hindi font in micromax a50 android. mobile plz help

  13. Jeet Chowdhury says:

    my original DroidSansFallback.ttf is some about 3.xxmb but this one only 7xxKB… why? can you please tell me?

  14. Jeet Chowdhury says:

    ok its working fine but… with this font some special character showing as box. can i merge those two font?

  15. Jeet Chowdhury says:

    do u know how to merge fonts using fontforge?

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Hi Jeet, Good to know that it worked alright for you.
      Reason behind some special characters appearing BOX is they are undefined in the Font file.
      I haven’t really tried FontForge but you can give it a shot. Let me know outcomes of your experiment. If something goes wrong, replace the Font file again with the one given in article 🙂

      • Jeet Chowdhury says:

        if something got messed up how to restore the font as everything will be shown then as box lol 😛 anyways i think there are some adb push method… have to search on google….

  16. diganta says:

    nyc work now i can read bengali txts on my android phone

  17. Suhas says:

    Hi Rohit,

    We have developed a keyboard app ‘Velocity’ that supports almost all the major Indian languages, and are adding even more languages including other South Asian languages.
    A trial version can be downloaded from the link :


  18. Ishan says:

    Works perfectly on my Wildifire S !! thank you so much, now i can use my phone to read anything and everything !

  19. Shashank says:

    Thank You very very much!! Working perfectly!!!

  20. heeralal says:

    i have a micromax a50 mobile. i have downloaded ES File Explorer. i go to setting –>root seetings–>click on root then message is shown “Soory,this test is failed.this feature cannot be run on your phone.”
    please solve this issue.

  21. heeralal says:

    Can I know benefit of root mobile?

  22. cvramana says:

    hi very thankfull to u,its wrkg for read my languege.but i can’t write without regional keyboard.

  23. cvramana says:

    thanq rohit, can u suggest me some keypads for telugu except paninikeypad.

  24. cvramana says:

    Hi rohit when i installed font frm android market it ask reboot system,i made yes but it’s not work just give samsung name only

  25. Dhakshina says:

    Hai, i am using micromax a50. i cant able to view tamil fonts. and cannot able to use uc browser latest versions. please help me.

  26. Kishor says:

    I have rooted HTC Desire HD using Sabsaprime v11

    I can see Marathi font correctly on esakal (using browser)

    BUT when I use face book all the words are crumpled (??? —– > ??? , ?????? —–> ??? ?? )
    Pl help, thanks

  27. Pradip says:

    Hey i am using Galaxy ace cm 7 version .i have tried the above procedure not once but many of the times but not succeeded. this method is not at all helpful.
    Please suggest some other method, just make that easy

    • Rohit Langde says:

      I am clueless, why it isn’t working for you. Same Font file was tested on Galaxy ACE running Stock ROM and it worked well.

    • Harsimran says:

      I think one key thing that this article is missing – no offense though ; is the requirement to grant read access to the system/everyone to the font after copying/pasting.

      I rooted my nexus5 yesterday, replaced the font, it did not work. granted the read access and restarted (tried mutiple versions of the font and this process is true for all) and it worked.
      For granting read access, after replacing the font, in es explorer, long press the font, get into the properties and ensure everyone has read access to it. reboot.

  28. sajayan ks says:

    Please help me to root. Bsnl penta ws802c 2 g. Is it possibile to. Upadate to jellybean if yes how to……..thank you

  29. Prathamesh says:

    i want to know that lenovo ideapad A2107 can support Marathi & hindi
    thank you

  30. Akif says:

    bangla charterers are broken what to do ???

  31. Arsh_Sekhon says:

    ……..plzzzz post any help regarding rooting and installing custom rom,overclocking bsnl pnta ws802c 2g…………plzzz help———i will be thankful to u

  32. Girijesh says:

    Thanks dude.. It works for my Xperia.. 🙂

  33. nagarajan says:

    sir, i have pandigital-nova tablet with android 2.3.4.. As instructed in this site, i have rooted the device and installed unicode devanagari and Tamil fonts. Now iam able to see Sanskrit (Deevanagari) letters in the document. I have even installed panini keyboard for Sanskrit and Tamil and am able to enter text in Devanagai script in mangal font. Bu the conjunct consonants like tya, rtha etc. are displayed as- t y ya and r t ya. How to correct this error. Solution is needed

  34. sahej singh says:

    i am having problems in copying that font in systeme/font folder i hv already rooted my device and enabled root explorer in ES file manager but i cant find tht option Mount System as RW .. please help me to install punjabi fonts on my Nexus 5 device. thnks

  35. sahej singh says:

    Hi ,, i have rooted nexus 5 and i am not able to copy that font file in system/font folder it shows access denied , i hv Enable Root Explorer and but dont know hot to Mount System as RW , so may be coz of mount system its not getting copied ,, please help me to install punjabi fonts in this device … thnks

  36. amit says:

    how I can read and send hindi sms and also same in whatsapp in mobile idea280 model no. U8180 plz help me.

  37. gurjeet says:

    thanks alot dear… its work for me..

    i am using miui rom 2.3.7 on my galaxy s

    i have replace the given file (after extraction only) and it works with out restart

  38. dhruvika says:

    Can I add gujrati language as voice search .it means I am speaking gujrati and typing in gujrati fonts.

  39. viraj says:

    Thank you sir , u help a lot

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