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New SMS Notification Android App to Get Pop Up on Android Screen

Getting instant access to incoming SMS without making a single touch is easy nowadays. There are many free SMS apps that replaces the default Android SMS and provides you with advanced features like SMS preview and Privacy. If you are already using apps like Go SMS, Handcent SMS etc. Then there is no need to look further. But if you still prefer using android stock SMS app, the only option you have is to have the new SMS scroll on the notification bar. This is bit inconvenient and you will have to get into messaging app to read the message properly. Continue reading


Test Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich On Windows PC

Buying an Android Phone gives immense satisfaction. The real situation that a general user faces is that it gets outdated soon. If your phone  is a high spec one, then probably you will be getting new official updates for some time. Gradually, it will stop as new devices are popping up faster and so is the development of Android OS. The only option available to you after a year or so is to upgrade to a phone with better hardware to meet current Android OS requirement. Continue reading


Download Android APK Files from Google Play Directly to Windows PC

Using an Android smartphone, we have many apps that are used regularly. If you are flashing your android very frequently with custom ROM’s then every time you will need to reinstall those apps too. Repeating the same procedure over time is a hectic task. There may be times when you have flashed or factory reset your android without an adequate internet connection availability. In situations like this, you will always wish to have the APK file with you for offline installation. Continue reading