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How To Access Blocked Websites

Being a student it is a bitter experience when you find social websites like Orkut, Facebook etc blocked by the internet administrator. There are many such kind of restrictions that can be applied to any website so that you are unable to perform any work with it. As you try to open the website or […]

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5 Free Defragmenting Softwares For Windows

If you are a kind of user who transfers data frequently in and out your hard disk, you might feel after a period of time that your applications are taking longer loading time. This is due to fragmentation and can be solved using a good defragmenting utility. Defragmenting your hard disks regularly is an important […]

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Edit Images Online With Pixlr

If you ever feel the need to edit images but not have any software at hand, no need to worry. You can always edit Images online for free with Pixlr. It is an online image editing tool that can well serve you as a substitute for softwares like Gimp, Paint.Net and Photoshop. Unlike other sites […]

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