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How To Fix Adsense Alert: You Have Rejected Ad Requests

Whenever a webpage loads, Adsense code on a page request for relevant ads to be displayed. When the request is sent with incorrect information, it gets rejected and blank space is shown instead of Ads. This occurs when the URL of the server from which the ad unit has been served differs from the URL of the actual page where the ad will be displayed. Continue reading


Google Adsense Ads in Feedburner RSS Feeds – How to Insert

Nowadays people are too busy with a very limited amount of free time. Opening each and every website to know about new development and release is next to impossible. So the most convenient way that people use to stay updated is the use of RSS Feeds. They make things easy for the reader but what about Ad-revenue? There are no page impressions or clicks because of that. So here is good news for all the bloggers.

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Simple Tips to Increase Adsense Income

tips to incease adsense income

Few days before I wrote that Adsense is losing popularity and that because of it’s lowering income. Many bloggers simply hate adsense, I too was fed-up with low income but I tried experimenting new things with adsense units to improve blog income. Here, I would like to share those simple tricks and tips for improving Adsense revenue.
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