5 Best Free Multiplayer Games on Steam, I Personally Like

Steam and Valve has done a great job in bringing the gaming community together. There are lots of multiplayer games on the internet and probably when you are fed up of playing the bought game again and again, you try to search for best multiplayer games. If you don’t have an idea of good games you end up installing games which you will never like.
Below are the good free multiplayer games on steam which I have played and would like to recommend it to you guys. There are lot many free games but these are out of the games which I have played. This will save your time and memory on hard disk, entertainment is for sure.

1) Team Fortress 2

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One of the most popular games available today, this game is the sequel of Team Fortress classic. There are not many changes in the game compared to its predecessor but the movements, arts and graphics can never be ignored. These are in a good class and every gamer would feel great about this. TF2 has nine characterized avatars. All of them are fun to play. Whenever you shoot someone, the damage dealt pops with a very good sound and each shot stuns the enemies.

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I liked the sound effect so much that for the very thing tried hard to kill all. One class is called Pyro, he is like melee and burns the enemies to the hell. They are all very great and are full of fun. Last but not the least, you can buy items if you have balance or you will continuously get good items when played well. Millions of online FPS gamers still game capture themselves playing rounds on Twitch.TV and other streaming sites.

Home Page: Team Fortress 2

2) Stronghold Kingdom

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Stronghold Kingdom as the name suggest is about the medieval period life. As initially, in the game only a village is given and resources are too low and you have an ambition to power down the opponent kingdom, you have to be extra careful. As like you, there are lot of enemies lurking in the neighborhood and are waiting to expand their territories.  When I started playing, I had to abandon three villages.

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All heartily efforts to build empire went in vain. Currently my status is quite stable and it’s been a couple of weeks but still I have to go a long way. Thus maintaining and solving all problems, collecting resources and trading goods on market place is fun. Try this game, its sure fun but got to warn you that this game is very addictive.

Home Page: Stronghold Kingdom

3) Lord of the Rings Online

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Have you seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy? I had always been a huge fan of it. When the game was released and was free to play, I felt like I should give it a try. One thing to keep in mind is that I had no expectations on it, but when I started playing I was like “wow”, they got everything right.

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The graphics and details are all astonishing. Playing in the middle earth was so much fun. In this game the traits system is a nice addition. You can perform things like grinding mobs, finish quest, explore and increase your reputation and get deeds. I am still in the middle earth and I will continue to play. For this game it’s a hand down. Lovely play with lovely music and witnessing miracles are all enjoyable. Try this game for sure. On a side note, the MMO card game idustry is going to explode! You should check this http://freegamememberships.com/animal-jam-codes/ out if you are interested.

Home Page: Lord of the Rings Online

4) Vanguard: Saga of heroes

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This game is based on fantasy which is set in the world of Telon. Telon is an ancient world which is full of magic, conspiracy and adventure. In the world, completely based on war you have to rebuild a civilization which once used to be great. You have to struggle a lot. There are 15 exciting classes like paladin, ranger, sorcerers, rogues etc. 19 different races like Orcs, Elves, Goblins, Dwarves etc. The best thing I liked is each race has its own strength and very different from the other races.

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This is a very serious game. I enjoyed playing it. The best thing was the Kojani Fishing village’s and Thiestra Mountain’s ambient music and voices. It was so peaceful and beautiful that you could just feel it. Exploring was so much fun. The sailing on Kojani Caravel and on the Reindeer through the skies is ultimate. The valleys, temples, cities and dungeons are all amazing. Exploring through them and discovering them, getting new items, crafting are all part of this game. Play this and you will never forget it.

Homepage: Vangiard: Saga of Heroes

5) DC universe

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Fun is sure to come on playing this game.  It’s a good game but not a great game indeed. Developers should have paid more attention towards the game. Updates came late thus the attracted gamers were not satisfied but still if you want to try it; it won’t make you feel sad. The game provides us with iconic characters of DC like Superman, Catwoman, Lex Luthor, Batman, Wonder girl and more.

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Master combats with your favorite DC Comics Character. This way you have to do many solo and small group quests. The game gets very exciting in terms of its combat and character customization. Combat is dynamic and is according to physics laws. My favorite character is Batman as he is a super tech based hero. Thus playing this game once in a while makes me cheer up. So, I got to keep this game on my list.

Homepage: DC Universe

If I have missed any of your favorite game on steam in my list then please do share the name of that game. You can also give your favorite game list in the comments section. Playing new games gives awesome experience, specially when it is free.

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Nihar - February 11, 2013

Thanks for sharing these games. I have played 2 of the listed. Will try others

Josh - February 13, 2013

great share on online games.. how about Age of empires conquerors

    Sourojit Nandi - February 14, 2013

    Age of empires conquerors is a great multiplayer game. But is it available for steam?


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