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APK Downloader Lets You Download APK Files to PC From Android Market

The other day we are talking about how you can use these alternatives to Android Market to download apk files aka Android apps. But here we have something which will allows you extract apk files from Android Market too. A Google Chrome Extension APK Downloader which allows users to download apk files from Android Market direct to their computer system. Lets get to know its workarounds and things we need to make it work. Continue reading


12+ Alternatives to Android Market For Free Apps and APK Download

Though Android Market, being the official source when it comes to Android Apps and more. But not every one like to follow the tantrums to download and install Android apps from there. Apart from Android Market, here are some alternatives to Android Market from where users can download and install Android apps to their Android devices without any registration or an account to download and install Android apps. Continue reading


Symbian Vs Android Comparison Chart with PROs and CONs

symbian mobile operating system

Android and Symbian are two killer mobile operating systems. Symbian, once was a ruling the cell phone market. But now, Android has replaced it. Ever imagined, why the Symbian, which used to rule the cell phone market since ages, was easily outranked by the new Android mobile operating system in no time. Lets recall the war between the two, Symbian vs. Android. Continue reading